Best of the Maldives: Topological Table – Kanuhura / Kandima

Kandima Kanuhura topological table

Today’s “Best Of” is sort of a “half” have-seen. Like the one in the 12th edition of “Haven’t Seen Yet” (#2) with the ocean inspired table at both Kandima and Kanuhura resorts. I call it “half seen” because while the style is precisely what I thought ideal for a Maldives resort, my fantasy is one constructed based on the actual topology of the island (and its underwater house reef).

Best of the Maldives: Maldivian Warrior – Kanuhura

Kanuhura - Maldivian warrior 1

For a traditional twist on military-grade training, Kanuhura offers Maldivian Warrior training…

  • “Maldivian warrior is a bootcamp fitness course on the beach inspired by what Maldivians would have used in the past to keep fit before air-conditioned gyms came to the country. It’s a blend of calisthenics and exercises on the beach using wooden blocks, logs and heavy stones, followed by a swim in the lagoon and a run around the beach (over 3km to get round the island once).”

Kanuhura - Maldivian warrior 3

Kanuhura - Maldivian warrior 2

Best of the Maldives: Kickboxing – Kanuhura

Kanuhura - kickboxing

The World Kickboxing Championships conclude today, but the Maldives champ is Kanuhura with their celebrity guest kickboxing programme:

“We are collaborating with the famous fighter and world champion Irshaad Sayed, he is the patron of our martial arts academy. We have launched the beta phase in April during Easter and have received fantastic feedback from our guests. The private or group training sessions with Irshaad rank from beginners so pro level and can be purchased in singe sessions or package rates. Several fighters and trainers will be based on the island in the future, the project will be fully up and running by August 2017.”

Yet another thing to get a kick out of the Maldives.

Best of the Maldives: Beach Badminton – Kanuhura

Kanuhura beach badminton

While it’s called ‘Beach’ Darts, it’s actually set inside the island underneath of copse of shady palm trees. Admittedly, it’s a bit of semantic pedantry since in the Maldives, everything is ‘Beach’, inside and out. Not just the inside of the island, but even many of the buildings of the best resorts have talcum-soft sand floors.

Not only does the inner island setting keep the sun out of your eyes, but it also shields the match from ocean breezes. Another ‘inner beach’ sport is ‘Beach Badminton’. I’ve come across a few set ups on the proper beach, but Kanuhura has set up on inside for the same protections. The feather-light shuttle-cocks are even more susceptible to breezes which makes the setting superb.

Furthermore, Kanuhura offers other bonus features. First, the ground chosen is a good balance between firmness so you can move easily and soft layer of sand so you can play comfortably in bare feet. Second, the boundaries are marked off with fixed lines to regulation size so you can play a proper match. And finally, Kanuhura offers a badminton player on staff who can provide both a worthy opponent or some instruction.


Best of the Maldives: Breathing – Kanuhura

Kanuhura yoga



Happy Birthday Lori!

My devoted partner in adventure, my dive buddy, my sunset companion.

In honour of her special day, today’s post was selected by her. Very often I just can’t see and do everything on a resort in our short visits and so she ably and enthusiastically (most of the time) steps in to check certain things out. When Kanuhura suggested their ‘Pranayama’ yoga class focusing on breathing, she was not only keen, but also quite the expert on the subject. Lori recently finished her third graduate degree in the voice (Masters of Music, Masters of Voice Pathology, Speech Language Therapy Diploma) and knows a fair amount about the old wind pipes. When diving, most of the time she comes up with more air remaining in her tanks than the seasoned dive masters (so I would recommend the class not just for yoga enthusiasts, but especially for divers who want to improve their air usage).

Kanuhura describes the class as…

Controlled breathing technique positively influence and release the flow of energy channels purifying, regulating and activating them creating physical and mental balance.”

Her assessment – “Brilliant introduction to basic yoga techniques focusing on the breathing.” If it impresses Lori then it is truly distinctive.



Kanuhura yoga 2

Best of the Maldives: Boulevard – Kanuhura

Kanuhura boulevard


Turn on those lights! The starting pistol to American Christmas season might be ‘Black Friday’, but in the UK it is tonight’s ceremonial lighting of Oxford Street, the biggest shopping street in London.

The closest equivalent to Oxford Street in the Maldives is the Manhattan-inspired ’Fifth Avenue’ straight through the middle of Kanuhura island. Extended by jetties to the water villas and the welcome jetty on either side, the boulevard stretches for over 400 metres. It makes for a dramatic vista. But perhaps even more enticing for the plastic-toting visitors are the posh shops that line it in the centre that inspire its name. They even have their very own private label fashion. If you can’t get there before Christmas, at least you can take a 360 degree virtual tour here to get in the shopping spirit.

Best of the Maldives: Polyglots – Kanuhura

DWTS Gangham style

Happy Anniversary United Nations!

Mind you, being Secretary General of all the countries of the world still comes in behind being a Gangham Style rapper! The latest Gangham Style tribute was on last night’s US hit television show ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (a favourite of Lori and me). The show itself is a virtual UN with dancers from France, UK, Russia, Ireland, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Albania and, of course, USA.

The resort that embodies that international spirit especially in self-expression has to be Kanuhura. They have 26 languages spoken at the resort including the following…

  1. Arabic
  2. Bahasa
  3. Balinese
  4. Chinese
  5. Creole
  6. Croatian
  7. English
  8. Farsi
  9. French
  10. Filipino
  11. German
  12. Hindi
  13. Indonesian
  14. Italian
  15. Japanese
  16. Nepalese
  17. Spanish
  18. Sri Lankan
  19. Russian
  20. Romanian
  21. Swiss German
  22. Thai
  23. Tibetan

Oppa UN-Style!

Best of the Maldives: Orchids – Kanuhura

Kanuhura orchid



The sellout Chelsea Flower Show in London started yesterday and tickets are scarcer than some of the prize blossoms trotted out for the horticultural world to admire. Flowers have always been part of the Maldivian paradise spectacle. From lining the flour soft sand paths to arranged in stunning bedtime displays.

Of all of the fabulous flora, only Kanuhura has its very own flower – the ‘Dendrobium Kanuhura’ (yellow and orange) registered orchid developed by Kanuhura nurseries.

And the orchid extravaganza doesn’t stop there. Kanuhura has over 15,000 orchids on the island when they are in season in over 15 colours.

Bloomin’ marvellous!


Kanuhura greenhouse


Kanuhura registration certificate

Best of the Maldives: Beach Sleep – Kanuhura

Kanuhura beach bed



Sometimes it’s taken me so long to get out of a sand trap that I might as well as have checked-in for a proper stay. Well, at Kanuhura I can stay in the sand all night long…

“Enjoy a Dinner, a Night and breakfast like Robinson Crusoe. A romantic night under the stars on Kanuhura's very own secluded desert island. Indulge in a sumptuous dinner of the freshest grilled seafood and meat dishes, prepared specially for you in an intimate candle-lit beach setting on neighbouring Jehunuhura Island. Then sleep peacefully under the stars in a private petal strewn canopy bed arranged on the powder-fine sand. You'll be star struck with distant views across the ocean of twinkling constellations and glimmering light of the moon, while the gentle lapping of the waves will lull you blissfully to sleep. In the morning you'll awake refreshed, with the uninterrupted vistas of the brilliant turquoise lagoon and swaying palm leaves around you, and a delicious Champagne Breakfast prepared for you on a totally secluded beach on your own little paradise.”

A number of times, my family have gone to the beach in the evening and just lied down on the sand to gaze up at the sky awash with stars while listening to the calm surf gently ticking the beach edge. After a busy day, we’d just as easily just drift off right then and there. Kanuhura’s offering provides just a touch more elegance and creature comfort for such dozing al fresco.

Starlit slumber.