10 Groyne Uses

Lily Beach - groyne

The idyllic image of a tiny Maldivian island is a drop of sand in the middle of the ocean with a few palm trees. However, Mother Nature (aided by King Neptune) has a millennia-old habit of tossing that sand all over the sea at its whim. So resorts have introduced a few erosion prevention methods to keep their island intact. For vista purists, these man-made constructions – known as “groynes” – are a blot on the otherwise perfect seascape, but they are essential to preserving the islands that everyone wants to visit. What I applaud are the properties who embrace this imposition by leaning into it for a silver lining. Putting these promontories to good use and even aesthetic appeal…

1. BeachLily Beach: A beach beyond the beach so lounging in the sand above the water instead of just next to it (see above).

2. Spa Treatment AreaKurumba: For the closest-to-water massage you will find.

Kurumba - outdoor spa 2

3. House Reef Entry Lily Beach: If it is going to protrude out into the ocean, then take advantage of that access.
Lily Beach - groyne 3

4. Lagoon Privacy Nike:  The same groynes that protect against erosion can protect against prying eyes when you go for a dip in front of your beach villa.
Nika - groyne

5. LoungingTaj Exotica:  If you can’t have you own over-water villa, you can still lounge over water here.
Taj Exotica - lounging

6. Pool Huvafenfushi:  If you want to swim “in” the ocean without being “in” the ocean.

Huvafenfushi - groyne

7. Pavillion Centara Ras Fushi A little sun protection for the erosion protection.
Centara Ras Fushi - groyne

8. Dining W Retreat:  For a private meal away from your island which is away from it all itself.
W Retreat - groyne

9. Wedding W Retreat:  For an outstanding nuptials…out standing in the ocean.
W Retreat - groyne 2

10. Mini IslandOZEN Reserve Bolifushi:  For the truly iconic plot-of-sand-and-palm-tree…all you need is a message in a bottle.

OZEN Reserve Bolifushi - groyne


Best of the Maldives: Kids Club Pool Style – OZEN Reserve Bolifushi

OZEN Reserve Bolifushi - kids pool 1

For years, kids clubs were after thoughts relegated to a simple buildings in the island interior, but the rise of families visiting the destination has led to as much effort going into making the younger set experience as luxurious as the adults. This up-leveling is not just the bevy of indulgent activities and amusements, but also in the aesthetics as. The kids club pools are been particularly nondescript, but OZEN Reserve Bolifushi’s is as elegant as any you will find in the Maldives.

OZEN Reserve Bolifushi - kids pool 2

Best of the Maldives: Go Karting – Siyam World

Siyam World - gokart 3

The Maldives still suffers under the misconception that there is nothing to do there. And while there is plenty of opportunities to do nothing, there are also lots of opportunities to do, well, nearly everything. And Siyam World has been pushing that envelope to new extents most recently with its go-karting track.

  • Siyam World, known for breaking the mold of traditional Maldivian holidays, is paving new ground with the launch of a state-of-the-art go-kart track, the Speed Racers Circuit, that comes fully equipped with 18 sleek electric go-karts and a rugged off-road course. Spanning 205m² of heart-pounding twists and turns, the track is designed to ignite your inner racer and unleash the adrenaline junkie within.”

For those looking for as much of a thrill as a chill during their holiday in paradise.

Siyam World - gokart 2

Siyam World - gokart 1

Best of the Maldives: Round Glass Bottom Sink – Dhawa Ihuru

Dhawa  Ihuru - glass bottom sink

I love a creative sink. We are in the midst of remodelling our current house and looking at fun sink designs. Our previous home had glass sinks in the master bath, but I was especially enchanted by Dhawa Ihuru’s “glass bottom” sinks. I had come across one before, but I liked this one so much as well that I decided to give it a post distinguished (perhaps somewhat trivially) by its shape. With all sorts of glass bottom boats, canoes, floats, etc in the water sports centers, it seems only fitting to have a glass-bottom in the water closet.

Best of the Maldives: Accessible Public Toilets – Amilla Maldives

Amilla - accessible toiler

Another entry in the expansive catalogue of accessibility innovations by Amilla Maldives, this one applying one of their villa innovations to their public amenities:

  • “Our restaurant area guest washrooms are accessible by a playful “fish ramp” and we are currently building a second block which will feature a “whale shark” ramp. Adding to our desire to integrate accessibility into something special.”

Best of the Maldives: Convenient Kids Club – Cora Cora

Cora Cora - accessible kids club

Anyone taking their children on a holiday in the Maldives (which is an ever increasing number) is certainly keen on sharing their company. But sometimes kids want a break from the parents and visa-versa. Most of the time, the resort kids clubs are tucked away in some remote section of the island interior, but Cora Cora has positioned its kids club right in the center of the action. The club has its own water view (which only a few other kids clubs have). It is near the pool, reception and several restaurants so close to where the parents might be hanging out (“Adults Club”?) savouring a cocktail or lounging by the pool. It is easy for the anxious parents to pop over to check in on the children, or for the kids club staff to get the parents if they are needed. And it is easy for anxious children to be comforted by the notion that mom and dad are “just over there”.

Best of the Maldives: Mangrove Lakes – Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani - mangrove lakes 1

The Maldives is renowned as a water wonderland of immersed in the ocean surroundings. Despite having nearly 100 times more water than land, the land also features a number of inland water bodies. If you are interested in interior waterfront, Noonu Atoll is the place for them. Inhabited island Kendhikulhudhoo boasts the largest lake in the Maldives. And among the resort islands, Soneva Jani has 3 mangrove lakes. They are not only a distinctive site for human guests, but also are particularly appealing to all the various birds in the destination.

Soneva Jani - mangrove lakes 2

Best of the Maldives: Eco-Cleaning – Amilla

Amilla - eco cleaning

Choice of ingredients and packaging is the first line of attack in saving the environment. The mantra “Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle” is intended in that order or priority. Reducing consumption of the things that harm the environment has the biggest impact in sustaining it. These changes can go all the way to the backroom considerations of the cleaning products a property uses. Amilla Maldives has adopted the appropriately named Ocean Saver for its domestic needs:

  • Just drop one of our plant based, non toxic EcoDrops into an empty bottle filled with tap water and shake! No fuss, no mess and zero plastic waste.

For a cleaner conscience.