10 Groyne Uses

Lily Beach - groyne

The idyllic image of a tiny Maldivian island is a drop of sand in the middle of the ocean with a few palm trees. However, Mother Nature (aided by King Neptune) has a millennia-old habit of tossing that sand all over the sea at its whim. So resorts have introduced a few erosion prevention methods to keep their island intact. For vista purists, these man-made constructions – known as “groynes” – are a blot on the otherwise perfect seascape, but they are essential to preserving the islands that everyone wants to visit. What I applaud are the properties who embrace this imposition by leaning into it for a silver lining. Putting these promontories to good use and even aesthetic appeal…

1. BeachLily Beach: A beach beyond the beach so lounging in the sand above the water instead of just next to it (see above).

2. Spa Treatment AreaKurumba: For the closest-to-water massage you will find.

Kurumba - outdoor spa 2

3. House Reef Entry Lily Beach: If it is going to protrude out into the ocean, then take advantage of that access.
Lily Beach - groyne 3

4. Lagoon Privacy Nike:  The same groynes that protect against erosion can protect against prying eyes when you go for a dip in front of your beach villa.
Nika - groyne

5. LoungingTaj Exotica:  If you can’t have you own over-water villa, you can still lounge over water here.
Taj Exotica - lounging

6. Pool Huvafenfushi:  If you want to swim “in” the ocean without being “in” the ocean.

Huvafenfushi - groyne

7. Pavillion Centara Ras Fushi A little sun protection for the erosion protection.
Centara Ras Fushi - groyne

8. Dining W Retreat:  For a private meal away from your island which is away from it all itself.
W Retreat - groyne

9. Wedding W Retreat:  For an outstanding nuptials…out standing in the ocean.
W Retreat - groyne 2

10. Mini IslandOZEN Reserve Bolifushi:  For the truly iconic plot-of-sand-and-palm-tree…all you need is a message in a bottle.

OZEN Reserve Bolifushi - groyne


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