Best of the Maldives: Recycled Construction – Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani - crab shack 2

Many resorts recycle the small consumables like bottles and packaging, but Soneva Jani has recycled so much of its construction materials that it was able to make an entire restaurant out of them. In fact, the construction design of the “Crab Shack” was also inspired by the story of a local fisherman:

  • “For years, the fisherman collection small pieces of driftwood and any other gifts the sea would bring him. Friends who saw his enthusiasm started to collect useful items for him, from wherever they could find them. A discard chair, mismatches plates and cutlery, pieces of driftwood…He didn’t mind that every chair in his restaurant would be different, he actually liked the thrown-together feel of it all.”

Soneva Jani - crab shack 3

Soneva Jani - crab shack

Best of the Maldives: Waste Heat Recycling – Six Senses Laamu / Kuramathi

Kuramathi - waste heat recovery

Most of resorts recycle our paper, plastic and metal. Some go further to recycle more esoteric items like construction materials and coconut husks. But Six Senses Laamu and Kuramathi have introduced a recycling not a material, but energy. They have installed waste heat recycling technology:

  • The Kuramathi team initiated a plan to connect large part of the Island to a cutting-edge hot water supply system. What sets this project apart is our innovative approach to using waste heat generated by powerhouse generators. We have harnessed this heat to produce hot water, eliminating the need for traditional electric boilers. This saves not only time but also conserves both water and electricity. As of now, one-third of the Island including 160 villas is connected to the system, with a goal to have the entire Island linked in the future.”

Best of the Maldives: Smallest Atoll – Soneva Secret

Soneva Secret - atoll

Having visited 17 of Maldives atolls, there aren’t many left we haven’t been to, but Soneva Secret recently launched in an atoll – Mkaundhoo – that we have not only never been to, but I hadn’t even heard of! One of the distinctive experiences of the Maldives is the dramatic sense of being away from it all in the middle of the ocean. Soneva has taken that dimension to the next level with their “Secret” refuge.

Best of the Maldives: Disabled Diving – Amilla Maldives

Amilla - accessible diving

One of my other websites provides information on the sport of rowing for people with disabilities, so it is a delight to see Amilla Maldives offering our favourite Maldives “sport” of diving to disabled guests (something I first proposed in my 2017 “Haven’t Seen Yet” post):

  • Dive Butler International has experience teaching wheelchair users how to dive. The dive centre itself is accessible, and a chat with our instructors can be arranged even before arrival.”

A great activity especially for the mobility impaired as underwater you don’t need your legs (as Ariel has sung about).

Best of the Maldives: Snorkel Spotting – Gili Lankanfushi / Baros

Snorkel Spotter - Gili Lankanfushi

Snorkel Spotter turned 12 years old this week! It’s been a great resource for us to capture and share our extensive house reef explorations (over 100 different house reefs). And various resorts and guests have embraced it as well to do the same, but none more than Gili Lankanfushi and Baros with 22 spottings logged each.

Here is the top ten table:

Gili Lankanfushi


Baros Maldives






Dusit Thani


Thudu Fushi






Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu




QI: Smile!

Shark teeth

In honour of Oral Hygiene Day today…

Q: Who has the most teeth – an armadillo a garden snail, a horse, or a tiger shark
A: Shark?
Q: <buzzzz!> Actually a
garden snail.  Specifically, their 14,000 teeth (!) are more than 300 times more than a tiger shark (43). In fact, horses (44) and armadillos (74) have more teeth than a tiger shark.

While it varies by species, many sharks average around do average 30,000 teeth throughout their lifespan (as they discard them like toddlers throughout their lives)! That’s one approach to dental care.


Best of the Maldives: Color Accessibility – Finolhu

Finolhu - colour accessibility

The Maldives is renowned for its colourful tapestry of mottled blues in the surrounding ocean and sky punctuated by tropical greenery, brilliant white coral sands and the warm yellow glow of sunshine. But for those visually impaired with colour blindness, such rich variations are not only lost. But Finolhu has implemented an innovative programe to bring as much of this visual richness to these guess with the EnChroma sunglasses and snorkel masks.

  • “The vibrant island destination offered guests EnChroma sunglasses and snorkel masks to colour-blind guests. This allows colourblind guests to not only experience the colourful art and architecture of Finolhu but also experience the shades underwater. Baa Atoll is renowned for having some of the most vibrant coral reefs and marine life. With the EnChroma snorkel masks colour blind guests can finally explore the colours under the waters in the Maldives. For the very first time!. Upon arrival, one of the first things guests would take note of is the uniquely beautiful colour of the ocean. The resort has so many hues and shades of life to share with its guests. And Finolhu Maldives has taken a unique step towards inclusivity at the property. Just last year, Finolhu Maldives became the first Maldivian hotel to offer glasses for colourblind guests.” “(Finolhu Maldives: Unparalleled Vibrance for Colour Blind Guests!”)

(thanks Paola)

Best of the Maldives: Book Tuk Tuk – Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi - book Tuk Tuk

Bringing a carefully selected range of books to your remote paradise isn’t enough for Soneva Fushi as now the latest “barefoot bookseller” Georgie Polhill will bring a selection of books straight to your villa with her own custom tuk tuk:

  • “Soneva Fushi has welcomed the Maldives’ first Book Tuk Tuk to the shores of the Baa Atoll to bring the expertise of the Barefoot Bookseller and the joy of reading straight to guests, wherever they are on the island. From any of the resort’s multiple dining destinations to the comfort of an in-villa sun lounger, guests can call their Barefoot Butlers and have the Book Tuk Tuk brought straight to their door.”

Uber Books!


Best of the Maldives: Passenger Trike – Amilla

Amilla - trike 2

Taking a gentle bike ride across the island is a lovely way to explore the Maldivian tropical paradise, but not everyone can manage a bike to well. Amilla Maldives has introduced trikes so that all the guests can enjoy a leisurely ride through the island:

  • “It is possible to get around the island in a wheelchair however some of the sand is soft but we can assist with buggies and we also have a tricycle with a large seat on the back, which is a great option for families with a child who needs special assistance. Especially good for disabled joining in, but also children.”

Amilla - trike 1