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Finolhu - colour accessibility

The Maldives is renowned for its colourful tapestry of mottled blues in the surrounding ocean and sky punctuated by tropical greenery, brilliant white coral sands and the warm yellow glow of sunshine. But for those visually impaired with colour blindness, such rich variations are not only lost. But Finolhu has implemented an innovative programe to bring as much of this visual richness to these guess with the EnChroma sunglasses and snorkel masks.

  • β€œThe vibrant island destination offered guests EnChroma sunglasses and snorkel masks to colour-blind guests. This allows colourblind guests to not only experience the colourful art and architecture of Finolhu but also experience the shades underwater. Baa Atoll is renowned for having some of the most vibrant coral reefs and marine life. With the EnChroma snorkel masks colour blind guests can finally explore the colours under the waters in the Maldives. For the very first time!. Upon arrival, one of the first things guests would take note of is the uniquely beautiful colour of the ocean. The resort has so many hues and shades of life to share with its guests. And Finolhu Maldives has taken a unique step towards inclusivity at the property. Just last year, Finolhu Maldives became the first Maldivian hotel to offer glasses for colourblind guests.” β€œ(Finolhu Maldives: Unparalleled Vibrance for Colour Blind Guests!”)

(thanks Paola)

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