Best of the Maldives: Bespoke Well Being – Joali Being

Joali Being - wellness

I appreciate when resorts focus on a certain market, style or ambience instead of being all things to all people. Well, Joali Being is 100% focused on well-being:

· “Maldives’ first luxury bespoke wellbeing resort…Here guests are guided on the path to self-discovery and renewal.”

I still remember when many resorts didn’t have spas back in the 90s. Now an entire island is dedicated to being one big spa experience.

Best of the Maldives: Maldivian Spa Products – Ailafushi

Ailafushi - Maldivian spa products

Many prospective guests seek out the authentic Maldives experience when visiting and one aspect is to enjoy Maldivian products made by Maldivians themselves. Ailafushi’s spa features the Ogaa line of soaps and candles at its NU The Spa so you can not only enjoy Maldivian body care pleasures, but even take them home.

Best of the Maldives: Room Names – Dhawa Ihuru

Dhawa Ihuru - villa shell name 2

Mother Language Day and time for our annual Dhivehi lesson. And Dhawa Ihuru offers us more vocabulary than ever with their creative villa naming. Each villa is named after the Dhivehi word for a shell (which itself is “Boli” in Dhivehi).

  • #1 – Orkid Boli – Banded Tun shell
  • #2 – Fankaa Ridhali – Giant Atlantic Cookies
  • #3 – Fulla Boli – Cyprea Tigris shell
  • #4 – Ahffaikashi – Long Spined Star shell
  • #5 – Thikijehi Boli – Juno Volunte shell
  • #6 – Iru Boli – Apple Murex shell
  • #7 – Kuriboshi Boli – Fighting Conch shell
  • #8 – Raakani – Scorpion Spider Conch shell
  • #9 – Kokaa Avi – Junonia shell
  • #10 – Dhaa Boli – Cypraea Poraria shell
  • #11 – Kurahi Boli – Brown Lined Volute shell
  • #12 – Firuaunu Fagudi – Trochidae Tampa shell
  • #14 – Hiyani Boli – Florida Cone shell
  • #15 – Hulhubu Boli – Marble Alphabet Cone shell
  • #16 – Fahnegi Boli – Harpa Major shell
  • #17 – Dhunmaari Boli – Auger shell
  • #18 – Hibaru Thun – Rhinoclavis Sinsensis shell
  • #19 – Dhilli Boli – Toothed Cone shell
  • #20 – Melaa Boli – Junonia Boli
  • #21 – Lileemaa Boli – Aporrhais Pespelcani shell
  • #22 – Sadharu Boli – Limpet shell
  • #23 – Ginifoo Eburi Boli – Banded Tulip shell
  • #24 – Laajehi Boli
  • #25 – Chaat Boli – Cyraea Teres shell
  • #26 – Funaa Boli – Comb shell
  • #27 – Maakanaa Thalhudhadi – Shark eye shell
  • #28 – Feylige Boli – Chestnut Turban shell
  • #29 – Vara Ridhali – Van Hyning Cockle shell
  • #30 – Mudhi Boli – Scotch Bonnet shell
  • #31 – Fenkakkaa Boli – Giant Queen Helmet Conch shell
  • #32 – Muraka Boli – Lace Murex shell
  • #33 – Fanhaa Fooeburi – Spined Sea shell
  • #34 – Pahfankaa – Calico Scallop Shell
  • #35 – Dhoadhi – Pacific Calico Scallop shell
  • #36 – Lonsi Boli – Haustellum Bandaris shell
  • #37 – Kothuru Boli – Tulip shell
  • #38 – Misuru Boli – Alphabet Cone shell
  • #39 – Kinaari – Golden Alphabet Cone shell
  • #40 – Fahmmini – Fighting Conch shell
  • #41 – Dhon Boli – Nutmeg Scotch Bonnet shell
  • #42 – Aifaanu Boli – Maramar shell
  • #43 – Hiyala – Common Cantharus shell
  • #44 – Ranhuras – Harpulina shell
  • #45 – Randhi – Lettered Oliver shell
  • #46 – Meli Boli – Crown Conch shell

Dhawa Ihuru - villa shell name 3

Dhawa Ihuru - villa shell name 1

Best of the Maldives: Kids Pool Area – Soneva Jani

Soneva jani - kids pool area

The very first resort attribute that I researched, long before Maldives Complete was a website, was which resorts had pools. We knew from visiting Lori’s sister’s beach house, that despite being surrounded by an expansive ocean for swimming, the kids got tired of the salt and sand after many hours, but still wanted to carry on with the water fun. So having a pool was a valued option for us (plus, us parents could lounge more easily especially with poolside drink service). Soneva Jani “The Den” the kids club includes a 1,668-square-foot swimming pool features a waterslide, catamaran nets, shallow areas for toddlers, and two waterfalls.

Soneva Jani - kids pool area 2

Best of the Maldives: Kids Bathrooms – Ailafushi

Ailafushi - kids bathrooms

A real treat for both children and parents alike is them having their own room. In the Maldives, unless the resort offers special family room set up (which about 10% do) this arrangement often means (a) having their own villa, or (b) getting a pricey 2-bedroom villa. Ailafushi is one of the 10% that do offer a family room, but the bonus is that it also comes with its own, directly connected bathroom. No having 4 family members jockeying for use of the single bathroom of the villa (and the inter-generational privacy is going to be well appreciated by both).


Best of the Maldives: Kids Club Old School Arcade Games – SAii Lagoon

SAii Lagoon - kids club basketball

Maldives is the ultimate escape destination. Sequestered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, can you isolate yourself from the rest of the world and modern-day life if you like. But escaping the ubiquitous diaspora of the digital web is tricky even here. And even harder with active children seeking constant stimulation. If they have had enough salt, sun and sand for the day, but you don’t want them retreating into an electronic screen, SAii Lagoon’s (with its own retro sounding name) “Junior Beach Club and Camp” offers a range of nostalgic arcade games to pass the time and burn off whatever energy they have left. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane seeing the basketball shooting, air hockey, hoop toss, and variety of others straight from our local entertainment center.

SAii Lagoon - kids club air hockey

Best of the Maldives: Kids Cub Telescope – Soneva

Soneva - kids telescope
Photo Credit: CREDIT: Aksham Abdul Gadhir, Ahmed Jailam, Aminath Haneen Siddiq for Soneva

Telescopes are becoming fairly common among the luxury properties so guests can take advantage of the crystal-clear skies and remote from civilization’s light pollution to explore the cosmos above. Soneva Jani’s kids club has its very own telescope viewings for the younger generation of star gazers.

Soneva - kids telescope 2

Best of the Maldives: Kids Club Wall of Fame – Cora Cora

Cora Cora - kids club wal of fame

The couples have lots of options for commemorating their trip-of-a-lifetime experience, but Cora Cora’s kids club literally lets the younger folks leave their mark on the property. They have a handy wall filled with the colourful prints of the many visitors being looked after there.

I’ve added a new tag “Commemoration” for all the plaques, ribbons and other tokens the resorts set up to enable for people to leave a commemorative token of their experience there.