Best of the Maldives: Largest Kids Club – Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani - kids club

Some Best of the Maldives extend beyond just the Maldives like Soneva Jani’sThe Den” kids club which is not only the largest in the country, but one of the largest in Asia. It is also the only 2-story kids club in the Maldives. And the grounds are equally large (nearly as big as some Maldives islands themselves). And the whimsical design features a large domed roof which gives the interior a cathedral like feel of spaciousness:

  • “Inspired by childhood wonder, The Den at Soneva Jani is a two-storey awe-inspiring playground for the imagination – and now one of the largest children’s clubs in Asia. Featuring dedicated toddler and teenage areas, no Young Sonevians have been forgotten in the creation of this all-new technology-free family zone. Glide along the zipline through the cascading waterfalls, make a splash in the pool, explore the pirate ship or catch some air on the skateboard ramp. As night falls, teens can hang out in the Cave Bar, where music and mocktails set the scene. From bioluminescent flooring and hidden infographics on the walls, The Den is ripe for discovery. Hop along the musical piano steps to create your own music, explore global oceanic themes in a 4D perspective, identify the fish that matches your height with the fish ruler, or talk like a fish with Tale of the Whale. A bowling alley, Lego and craft area, dressing-up room and library provide space for books, fantasies and more.

But it’s not just the expanse of the square footage, but also the extent of the lavishly fittings out fanciful design.

Soneva Jani - kids club 2

Best of the Maldives: Convenient Kids Club – Cora Cora

Cora Cora - accessible kids club

Anyone taking their children on a holiday in the Maldives (which is an ever increasing number) is certainly keen on sharing their company. But sometimes kids want a break from the parents and visa-versa. Most of the time, the resort kids clubs are tucked away in some remote section of the island interior, but Cora Cora has positioned its kids club right in the center of the action. The club has its own water view (which only a few other kids clubs have). It is near the pool, reception and several restaurants so close to where the parents might be hanging out (“Adults Club”?) savouring a cocktail or lounging by the pool. It is easy for the anxious parents to pop over to check in on the children, or for the kids club staff to get the parents if they are needed. And it is easy for anxious children to be comforted by the notion that mom and dad are “just over there”.

Best of the Maldives: Kids Pool Area – Soneva Jani

Soneva jani - kids pool area

The very first resort attribute that I researched, long before Maldives Complete was a website, was which resorts had pools. We knew from visiting Lori’s sister’s beach house, that despite being surrounded by an expansive ocean for swimming, the kids got tired of the salt and sand after many hours, but still wanted to carry on with the water fun. So having a pool was a valued option for us (plus, us parents could lounge more easily especially with poolside drink service). Soneva Jani “The Den” the kids club includes a 1,668-square-foot swimming pool features a waterslide, catamaran nets, shallow areas for toddlers, and two waterfalls.

Soneva Jani - kids pool area 2

Best of the Maldives: Kids Club Old School Arcade Games – SAii Lagoon

SAii Lagoon - kids club basketball

Maldives is the ultimate escape destination. Sequestered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, can you isolate yourself from the rest of the world and modern-day life if you like. But escaping the ubiquitous diaspora of the digital web is tricky even here. And even harder with active children seeking constant stimulation. If they have had enough salt, sun and sand for the day, but you don’t want them retreating into an electronic screen, SAii Lagoon’s (with its own retro sounding name) “Junior Beach Club and Camp” offers a range of nostalgic arcade games to pass the time and burn off whatever energy they have left. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane seeing the basketball shooting, air hockey, hoop toss, and variety of others straight from our local entertainment center.

SAii Lagoon - kids club air hockey

Best of the Maldives: Kids Cub Telescope – Soneva

Soneva - kids telescope
Photo Credit: CREDIT: Aksham Abdul Gadhir, Ahmed Jailam, Aminath Haneen Siddiq for Soneva

Telescopes are becoming fairly common among the luxury properties so guests can take advantage of the crystal-clear skies and remote from civilization’s light pollution to explore the cosmos above. Soneva Jani’s kids club has its very own telescope viewings for the younger generation of star gazers.

Soneva - kids telescope 2

Best of the Maldives: Kids Club Wall of Fame – Cora Cora

Cora Cora - kids club wal of fame

The couples have lots of options for commemorating their trip-of-a-lifetime experience, but Cora Cora’s kids club literally lets the younger folks leave their mark on the property. They have a handy wall filled with the colourful prints of the many visitors being looked after there.

I’ve added a new tag “Commemoration” for all the plaques, ribbons and other tokens the resorts set up to enable for people to leave a commemorative token of their experience there.


Best of the Maldives: Kids Restaurant – Ailafushi

Ailafushi - kids restaurant

Plenty of reasons to treat your children to a break from Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad can benefit too with some time together. One of those times is a romantic meal together, but how do the children get fed. Well, Ailafushi’s kids club features its own kids restaurant serving up pizza and pasta as well as sweets like cakes and cookies.

Best of the Maldives: Teen Hangout – Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani - waterfall bar

The most natural and aquatic “walls” to any Maldives resort space is Soneva Jani’s “Cave Bar” in its Den kids club. The pool bar especially designed for teens is secluded behind one of the two pool waterfalls. The other leads to the Cave Bar, an evening hangout for teens, complete with a DJ booth, and dance floor.

This feature has prompted me to add two new site Tags: “Teenager” (activities for which are in increasing demand with the rise in family holidayers at the destination) and “Waterfall” (I do appreciate water features).