Best of the Maldives: Room Decorating Instagram – Kuramathi

Kuramathi - Waheed Saamid room decorator 2

Kuramathi’s Waheed Saamid pentathlete of a room decorator. He not only pioneered a medium I’ve not seen in my decades of visits, he’s mastered all of its fundamental disciplines:

  1. Petals
  2. Wording (both cut and formed)
  3. Towel sculpture
  4. Bubble Bath
  5. Path/Floor messages (pioneer)

I caught up with him and he shared a bit about his background:

  • “I have started room decorations as I began my career as a villa Attendant. Since then I have learned and improving my skills. I’m a self taught decorative. During this journey of a villa Attendant, I have met many creative colleagues in room decorating. I get ideas from my friends and through the internet. Mostly I love doing different types of leaf decorations. Room decoration is an important element of Housekeeping service, to demonstrate my skills and give our guests a little gesture of that we care them.”

His Instagram feed is the most diverse collection of works and I highly recommend following him for your own daily dose of decorating.

Kuramathi - Waheed Saamid room decorator 1

Kuramathi - Waheed Saamid room decorator 3

Best of the Maldives: Path Greetings – Kuramathi

Kuramathi - path greetings 1

All of the world has its eye on the “path to the White House” this week, but Waheed Saamid, room decorator extraordinaire is focused on the path to your villa. I thought that I had seen all the variations on custom room decorating – towels, flowers, bed, coral pieces, bath. When I came across his Instagram feed, I saw sterling examples of all of those. But I was also struck by his innovating thinking outside the box of the villa itself with his walkway decoration made of artistically sprinkled sand.

Kuramathi - path greetings 3

Kuramathi - path greetings 2

Best of the Maldives: Wood Ends – Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi - wodd ends 2

Soneva Fushi has pioneered the design style of Swiss Family Robinson chic in the Maldives, but perhaps the acme of this arboreal aesthetic is its Villa 37. While the rough trunks are standard elements throughout Soneva, Villa 37 take the timber to a new dimension with a tapestry of cross sections forming the ceiling and various highlights.

Soneva Fushi - wood ends 3

Soneva Fushi - wood ends 1

Best of the Maldives: Origami – LUX North Male Atoll

LUX North MAle Atoll - palm folding kids gift

Resorts have a tradition of bestowing welcome gifts to their arriving guests. While many are branded tat pulled from the hospitality bumph catalogue, some properties have made an effort to present more distinctive mementos. As a fan of the art of palm folding, so I was particularly enchanted by the origami palm fish that LUX North Male Atoll presents to kids on arrival.


Best of the Maldives: Art Map – Joali

Joali - art map

For many maps are quite practical items, but I’ve always been captivated by their aesthetics. Capturing a sliver of the world in a useful snapshot from a birds eye view. No surprise that the art immersion resort of Joali even turned their creative eye to a map of their art collection. How apropos that the map of art installations be a work of art itself.

Best of the Maldives: Local Jewellery – Kuredu

Kuredu - jewellery 2

If you are looking for a pink accessory for October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), then one of the most enchanting examples of Maldives themes jewellery I come across is Kuredu’s collection of Oevaali. The manta above swirls as gracefully as its aquatic inspiration. Oevaali are a local Maldivian artist studio who do painting as well (see bottom).

Kuredu - jewellery 1

Kuredu - art 1

Paradise in Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with celebrations and initiatives festooned with the signature pink of the cause. Today in particular is “No Bra Day” declared as an occasion to raise awareness. And with the Maldives fashionistas, the brassieres are often replaced with bikini tops throughout the year. Here is a daily dose of pink for the month:

  1. Milana Koroleva and Koroleva Daria (Russia) – Conrad Rangali [ABOVE]
  2. Noey Jam Piglet (Thailand) – NIYAMA


  3. Sonia Pookie (USA) – Soneva Jani


  4. Isabel BrownLUX South Ari Atoll


  5. Julia Chetverikova (Russia) – Coco Palm Bodu Hithi


  6. Olga Michelle (Russia) – One & Only Reethi Rah


  7. Bebe Elle (United Kingdom) – Furaveri


  8. Olga Apanasenko (Russia) – Kandima


  9. Rebecca Ferguson (United Kingdom) – Hurawalhi


  10. Diana Melison (Russia) – You & Me


  11. Florina Toma (Romania) – Raffles Meradhoo


  12. Naomi-Jane Adams (United Kingdom) – Conrad Rangali


  13. Anyuta Rai (Russia) – LUX South Ari Atoll


  14. Ana Jovanovic (Czech) – Sun Island


  15. Lola Golik (Israel) – Sun Island


  16. Tatiana V. Lyalina (Russia) – Jumeirah Vittaveli


  17. Tina Shirokaya (Russia)


  18. Nelli Chernova (Russia) – Irufushi


  19. Lily (Philippines)


  20. Liza Stahova (Russia) – Ayada


  21. Olesya Levchik (Ukraine) – The Residence


  22. Nur Fazura (Malaysia) – Milaidhoo


  23. Debbie Grace (United Kingdom) – W Maldives


  24. Juliana Bonde (Brazil) – Kandima


  25. Karri Nicholas (Australia) – Club Med Finolhu Villas


  26. Nelli Chernova (Russia) – Irufushi


  27. Sandra Traczyk (Poland) – Lily Beach


  28. Marya Zikeeva (Russia) – Alimatha


  29. Tori Son (Russia) – Ranveli


  30. Aysel Manafova (Azerbaijani) – One & Only Reethi Rah


  31. Arisha Gz (Russia) – Sun Siyam Irufushi