Best of the Maldives: Bespoke Well Being – Joali Being

Joali Being - wellness

I appreciate when resorts focus on a certain market, style or ambience instead of being all things to all people. Well, Joali Being is 100% focused on well-being:

· “Maldives’ first luxury bespoke wellbeing resort…Here guests are guided on the path to self-discovery and renewal.”

I still remember when many resorts didn’t have spas back in the 90s. Now an entire island is dedicated to being one big spa experience.

Best of the Maldives: Bioresonance Assessment – Joali Being

While guests might come to the Maldives to check out the bioluminescence of the plankton in the Maldivian waters, they acan also check out their own bioresonance at Joali Being. The “Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby” episode about the Maldives hopped over to Joali’s latest property to see the latest tech for diagnosis and informing wellbeing. The host Monica Galetti visits its Areka Wellbeing Center to try out its “bio-resonance device which reads the energy produced by the living cells in her body.”

Best of the Maldives: Operations Documentary–Joali / Joali Being

World Tourism Day today! And one of the best portrayals of the world of Maldivian tourism is BBC’s “Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby” series (available on iPlayer in the UK for another year) hosted by Joali and Joali Being resorts. Yes, the show does have much of the contrived, shilling lifestyle porn vibe to it. But what makes it distinctive is its “peek behind the scenes”. And while the “work” that the two bubbly hosts roll their sleeves up to do is also a bit contrived (Monica Galetti less so then tv personality Rob Rinder because Monica is an actual chef), it is still a lovely portrayal of the efforts made by the staff to keep the property running smoothly. And I must say that the tour of Joali’s staff area was most impressive and surely one of the finest areas in the Maldives. Stay tuned for some added posts about a few distinctive aspect’s of Joali’s operations revealed by the show.

Best of the Maldives: Vegetarian/Vegan Eatery – Joali Being

Joali Being - vegetarian eatery

It’s never difficult to find a veggie option in the Maldives with its shared culinary heritage with the Indian subcontinent and the general popularity of well-being options among the destination’s guests. But the newly opened Joali Being has a set a new bar for a spectacular vegetarian eatery, Plantae:

  • “Travellers can choose to eat at Flow, the resort’s open-plan interactive dining space which has three kitchens including Plantae, a fully vegetarian and vegan eatery,”

For vegetarians used to having a few “V” options at the bottom of the menu, Joali elevates meat-free dining to a sort of culinary cathedral.