Best of the Maldives: Color Accessibility – Finolhu

Finolhu - colour accessibility

The Maldives is renowned for its colourful tapestry of mottled blues in the surrounding ocean and sky punctuated by tropical greenery, brilliant white coral sands and the warm yellow glow of sunshine. But for those visually impaired with colour blindness, such rich variations are not only lost. But Finolhu has implemented an innovative programe to bring as much of this visual richness to these guess with the EnChroma sunglasses and snorkel masks.

  • “The vibrant island destination offered guests EnChroma sunglasses and snorkel masks to colour-blind guests. This allows colourblind guests to not only experience the colourful art and architecture of Finolhu but also experience the shades underwater. Baa Atoll is renowned for having some of the most vibrant coral reefs and marine life. With the EnChroma snorkel masks colour blind guests can finally explore the colours under the waters in the Maldives. For the very first time!. Upon arrival, one of the first things guests would take note of is the uniquely beautiful colour of the ocean. The resort has so many hues and shades of life to share with its guests. And Finolhu Maldives has taken a unique step towards inclusivity at the property. Just last year, Finolhu Maldives became the first Maldivian hotel to offer glasses for colourblind guests.” “(Finolhu Maldives: Unparalleled Vibrance for Colour Blind Guests!”)

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Best of the Maldives: Table Grill – Finolhu

Finolhu - table grill

If the walk from the buffet grill to your table is just too many seconds where your food can cool off. Or if you want to take a hands on control of getting your food grilled precisely to your liking (with the opportunity to conveniently pop it back on for a bit if not quite right), then the “table grill” at Finolhu’s Kanusan restaurant is the place for you.

Not the pokey tea lamp warmers, but a proper mini-grill on your table. The charcoal used is made on the island from waste wood and is accented with sprigs of lemon grass for a bit of exotic infusion.

Best of the Maldives: Bubble Tent – Finolhu

Finolhu - bubble deck 2

For a completely stationary bubble, Finolhu has introduced its Beach Bubble Tent. You can enjoy the sights of paradise literally all a-round you. It’s like the fish-eye lens to paradise. It’s located at the tip of its Maldives leading sand bridge, means splendid isolation from each the remote resort itself. And you can gaze on the horizon without anyone peering in on you. Except for maybe a few curious reef sharks or jack fish.

Finolhu - bubble deck

Best of the Maldives: Cinema Pillows – Finolhu

Finolhu - cinema seating

“Stay Out of the Sun Day” today! It was established to encourage everyone to give our skin a break from the sun’s ray. If you are going to sequester yourself inside today, then you might as well be as comfy as lying on the soft white sands of the beach or a cushy lilo. Something like the giant Fatboy cushions at Finolhu’s cinema room. We have a cinema room at home and one of the best parts is being able to enjoy a blockbuster is lounging in consummate comfort while doing so. So you can tune into your favourite tropical island flick like “Swiss Family Robinson” or “Castaway” and enjoy all of the tropical scenery completely out of the sun.

Finolhu - cinema cushions

Best of the Maldives: Retro Games – Finolhu

Finolhu - pin ball

If you enjoy playing around on retro icons, but prefer something a bit more masculine, then check out Finolhu’s very own man cave complete with a collection of retro games including vintage “Baywatch” pinball (see above) and the classic PacMan (see below). In fact, the whole setting is a nostalgic throw back with retro sweets, décor, and soundtrack.

Finolhu - pac man

Best of the Maldives: Rugged Workout – Finolhu

Finolhu - fitness

It’s not just celebrities who face gruelling challenges, whether for reality TV or just their own Instagram feed (check out Sophie Turner battling her own thorny game below). If you want to steel up your fitness for any challenge life throws at you, Finolhu offers not only a complete training course facility, but also their own star trainer to help you out:

  • “Finolhu has partnered with the renowned UFC GYM, the elite fitness concept from global phenomenon Ultimate Fighting Championship®. A UFC GYM Master Trainer will be based on island at Finolhu’s The Cove Club from October 1, offering a blend of traditional workout facilities and mixed martial arts to enhance the fitness levels of guests with a variety of personal training and group classes.”

Do you even jungle gym tho #CocoPrive @cocopriveprivateisland

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Best of the Maldives: Sand Bridge – Finolhu

Finolhu - sand spit

Maldives resorts themselves are adorned with aesthetically enchanting white sand. One of the most distinctive are the long, narrow spits of sand jutting out into the ocean. The longest stretch of sand (as a opposed to a long beach on a long island) extends from Finolhu’s southern side for an entire 1.8 kilometres. Typically, such arenaceous promontories lead nowhere in particular except an expanse of blueness. But Finolhu’s takes you to a number of resort treats including the best parts of the house reef and the its first rate Crab and Fish Shack.