Best of the Maldives: Cinema Pillows – Finolhu

Finolhu - cinema seating

“Stay Out of the Sun Day” today! It was established to encourage everyone to give our skin a break from the sun’s ray. If you are going to sequester yourself inside today, then you might as well be as comfy as lying on the soft white sands of the beach or a cushy lilo. Something like the giant Fatboy cushions at Finolhu’s cinema room. We have a cinema room at home and one of the best parts is being able to enjoy a blockbuster is lounging in consummate comfort while doing so. So you can tune into your favourite tropical island flick like “Swiss Family Robinson” or “Castaway” and enjoy all of the tropical scenery completely out of the sun.

Finolhu - cinema cushions

Best of the Maldives: Lagoon Cinema – Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani - lagoon cinema

Rolling out the blue carpet for the Oscars tonight, Soneva Jani puts the “paradise” in Cinema Paradiso (or vice versa)…

  • “Cinema Paradiso is the first overwater silent cinema in the Maldives! Guests are provided with Bluetooth headphones, leaving the surrounding nesting wildlife at peace. We love classic and inspirational movies and have a twice weekly movie selection for both children and adults. Relax on the comfortable loungers under the stars, and snack on fresh popcorn. Private screenings and dining experiences can be arranged at extra charge.”

Sort of a halfway step to the “Jaws Challenge” of the Haven’t Seen (Part 10, Number 17), but close enough for “Sharknado” or “Deep Blue Sea” viewings.

Best of the Maldives: Themed Movie Refreshments – Mirihi

Oscar weekend so pull out the popcorn and get ready for a cavalcade of 2016’s best cinema. A bucket of popcorn (with extra bucket) is standard fare, but Mirihi doubles the fun of the double features with their cinema themes treats when you pull up a seat at their film nights…
  • “To enhance the experience, the charming hotel will be twinning the screening with drinks and nibbles to match the movie. For every film shown the team will strive to accompany it with inspired drinks and canapés: pastries for The Grand Budapest Hotel; martinis for James Bond; chocolates for Chocolat; milkshakes for Pulp Fiction. The memorable evening is an affair designed to suit varied tastes, with films ranging from The Godfather to Notting Hill. The setting is mesmerizingly charming, with comfy bean bags and cushions scattered in the sand. As the water laps against the shore and the Milky Way shines overhead guests can curl up in front of a classic with their toes in the sand. Munching on popcorn, guests will relax into serene island life whilst watching one of their favourite films on the big screen.”

VIEWER ADVISORY: Films to be wary of…

  • Monte Python’s The Meaning of Life – wafer thin mint
  • Silence of the Lambs – liver with a nice Chianti
  • Sweeney Todd – meat pies
  • American Pie – apple pie
  • The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover – table d’hôte
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – any “local specialty”

For further inspiration, check out Time Out’s “50 best food-on-film moments of all time”.

Best of the Maldives: Star Wars – Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu - Star Wars

The holidays call for merry food and drink and of course the traditional collapse in front of the TV to watch a holiday favorite like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Die Hard”. And December is second only to the summer for blockbuster Hollywood releases. This festive season brings back the greatest film franchise of all time, Star Wars, gracing the silver screen with the azure landscape of the Maldives. I’ve often said that part of the magic Maldives is that it doesn’t just seem like an exotic place on the planet…it seems like another planet altogether. There are a few places on Earth that have that other-worldly feel – Iceland, Grand Canyon, and this collection from CondeNast.

Fanboys who trek to Tunisia to see the “Tatooine” set of early Star Wars episodes will want to start getting their bookings to Six Senses Laamu, the only resort in the Laamu atoll where “Rogue One” filmed the idyllic scenes from planet Scarif.

Six Senses Laamu - Rogue One aerial

Six Senses Laamu - Rogue One