Best of the Maldives: Go Karting – Siyam World

Siyam World - gokart 3

The Maldives still suffers under the misconception that there is nothing to do there. And while there is plenty of opportunities to do nothing, there are also lots of opportunities to do, well, nearly everything. And Siyam World has been pushing that envelope to new extents most recently with its go-karting track.

  • Siyam World, known for breaking the mold of traditional Maldivian holidays, is paving new ground with the launch of a state-of-the-art go-kart track, the Speed Racers Circuit, that comes fully equipped with 18 sleek electric go-karts and a rugged off-road course. Spanning 205m² of heart-pounding twists and turns, the track is designed to ignite your inner racer and unleash the adrenaline junkie within.”

For those looking for as much of a thrill as a chill during their holiday in paradise.

Siyam World - gokart 2

Siyam World - gokart 1

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