Queens of the Swingers…



…the tropical island VIPs. For the Maldives fashionista crowd, the ubiquitous swing is not just a plank for languidly swaying to the ocean breezes, but is also a platform for working your Insta poses as well… 

  1. Arinka Nazarova (Russia) – Holiday Island – [ABOVE]
  2. Sana Lantana and Aleona LynxAaaVeee
    Sana Lantana and Aleona Lynx – AaaVeee - 2
  3. Nina Serebrova (Russia) – Cocoon
    Nina Serebrova (Russia) - Cocoon
  4. Yanela Brooks (Cuba) – Cheval Blanc Randheli
    Yanela Brooks (Cuba) - Cheval Blanc Randheli
  5. Paola Epis (Italy) – Alimatha
    Paola Epis (Italy) – Alimatha
  6. Sasha and friend (Bulgaria) – Fun Island
    Sasha (Bulgaria) - Fun Island
  7. Inna Zaripova (Russia) – Fihalhohi
    Inna Zaripova (Russia)
  8. Jenny Phm (Vietnam) – Conrad Rangali
    Jenny Phm (Vietnam) - Conrad Rangali
  9. Mima (Serbia) – Royal Island
    Mima (Serbia) - Royal Island
  10. Karina Volodina (Russia) – Sun Island
    Karina Volodina (Russia) - Sun Island
  11. Lora (Romania) – Cinnamon Hakuraa Hura
    Lora (Romania) - Cinnamon Hakuraa Hura
  12. Margarita Nigmatullin (Russia) – Sun Island
    Margarita Nigmatullin (Russia) - Sun Island
  13. Maria Martelo Perez (Columbia) – Anantara Kihavah
    Maria Martelo Perez (Columbia) – One & Only Reethi Rah
  14. Roxet (Russia)
    Roxet (Russia)
  15. Anjelika (Russia) – Sun Island
    Anjelika (Russia) - Sun Island

  16. Veronika Сhachyna (Russia) – Sun Siyam Irufushi
    Veronika CHachyna (Russia) - Velaa
  17. Xenia Van Der Woodsen and Leonie Hanne (Germany) – Fur Seasons Landaa Giraavaru
    Xenia Van Der Woodsen and Leonie Hanne (Germany) – One & Only Reethi Rah
  18. Ekaterina (Russia) – Holiday Island 2
    Ekaterina (Russia) - Holiday Island 3
  19. Tatiana Melnik (Russia) – Dusit Thani
    Tatiana Melnik (Russia) - Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru
  20. Jasminne Majid (Bulgaria) – Anantara Dhigu
    Jasminne Majid (Bulgaria) - Anantara Dhigu
  21. Milana Koroleva (Russia) – NIYAMA
    Milana Koroleva (Russia) – Cheval Blanc Randheli
  22. Mia Borisavljevic (Serbia) – Royal Island
    Mia Borisavljevic (Serbia) - Royal Island
  23. Anouk Matton (Belgium) – Cheval Blanc Randheli
    Anouk Matton (Belgium) - Cheval Blanc Randheli
  24. Louise Thompson (United Kingdom) – Atmosphere Kanifushi
    Louise Thompson (United Kingdom) - Atmosphere Kanifushi

  25. Adriana Jennings (Australia) – Maalifushi
    Adriana Jennings (Australia) – Maalifushi

  26. Shiralee Coleman (Australia) – Anantara Veli
    Shiralee Coleman (Australia) – Anantara Veli
  27. Tatiana Lopatinskaya (Russia) – Huvafenfushi
    Tatiana Lopatinskaya (Russia) – Huvafenfushi

  28. Karolina Wozniak (Poland) – AaaVeee
    Karolina Wozniak (Poland) - AaaVeee

Best of the Maldives: Cabriolet Swing – Fushifaru

Fushifaru - convertible swing 2

Swinging seats are one of the areas of the greatest diversity and innovation at the Maldives. The destination is an ideal place for swaying to the ocean breezes. The traditional hammock are nice a open, but sometimes the sun can be a bit much. If you hang them in the inner greenery, then you get complete shade. Fushifaru cabriolet swing seat gives guests the best of both options (thanks Paola).

Fushifaru - convertible swing 1

Best of the Maldives: Bird Not-Nest Swinging Chair – Joali

Joali - birdnest swing

In the Maldives, the more leisurely way to swing from the trees is lounging in one of their many swings swaying to the ocean breeze. I remember when I came across the first “birdsnest” swing a decade ago. Now they are common fare across the destination. Recently opened Joali literally does put the “bird” in “birdsnest swing” with its giant Heron head designed by Cape Town-based Porky Hefer.  The plaque beside the piece reads, “Very often, birds are the first visitors or residents on the islands.  This one migrated from Africa.  Kara prefers the Maldivian weather and cuisine.  Kara has decided to stay.”



Best of the Maldives: Swinging – Cocoon

Cocoon - swing

Even its distinctive floating furniture add to the dangling design vibe of the resort. Lots of resorts have swings, but Cocoon has them in places I’ve never seen before like the reception (see above, great for soothing the sadness of saying goodbye when waiting for your return transfer), and the bathroom (see below, not sure what this is great for…maybe to help get things moving??).

Cocoon - bathroom swing


The Queens of the Swingers, The Tropical Jungle VIPs

Shiralee Coleman (Australia) – Anantara Veli

Swings in the Maldives have become as standard as the lagoon hammocks and photo spots and just as popular with the paradise-arazzi. Especially, the lagoon versions that let you rock in the cool waters like these 20 swingers…

  1. Shiralee Coleman (Australia) – Anantara Veli  [ABOVE]
  2. Vivienne Hermann (United Kingdom) – Kurumba
    Vivienne Hermann (United Kingdom) - Kurumba
  3. Ginger Swan (Russia) – Sun Island
    Ginger Swan (Russia) - Sun Island
  4. Alexandra Kupiec (Poland) – Vadoo
    Alexandra Kupiec (Poland) - Vadoo
  5. Ludovica Pagani (Italy) – Cocoon
    Ludovica Pagani (Italy) - Cocoon
  6. Carlotta Tadolini (Italy) – Cocoon
    Carlotta Tadolini (Italy) - Cocoon
  7. Kristina Krayt (Russia) – Cocoon
    Kristina Krayt (Russia) - Cocoon
  8. Jacqueline Mikuta (Sweden) – Hurawalhi
    Jacqueline Mikuta (Sweden) - Hurawalhi
  9. Natali Portman (Russia) – Anantara Dhigu
    Natali Portman (Russia) - Anantara Dhigu
  10. Davika (Thailand) – Club Med Finolhu Villas
    Davika (Thailand) - Club Med Finolhu Villas
  11. Nicole Crimi (Canada) – Anantara Dhigu
    Nicole Crimi (Canada) - Anantara Dhigu
  12. Jasminne Majid (Bulgaria) – Anantara Dhigu
    Jasminne Majid (Bulgaria) - Anantara Dhigu
  13. Erkerkja (Thailand) – Club Med Finolhu Villas
    Erkerkja (Thailand) - Club Med Finolhu Villas
  14. Ana Cecília Sabbá (Brazil) –Taj Exotica
    Ana Cecília Sabbá (Brazil) -Taj Exotica 2
  15. Natallia Yakimchyk (Russia) – Reethi Rah
    Natallia Yakimchyk (Russia) - Amilla Fushi
  16. Karolina Wozniak (Poland) – AaaVeee 2
    Karolina Wozniak (Poland) - AaaVeee 2
  17. Nastya Zadorozhnaya (Russia) – Anantara Dhigu
    Nastya Zadorozhnaya (Russia) - Anantara Dhigu
  18. Sana Lantana (USA) – AaaVeee – 2
    Sana Lantana (USA) – AaaVeee - 2
  19. Aleona Lynx (Russia) – AaaVeee [check link]
    Aleona Lynx (Russia) – AaaVeee
  20. Olga Storozhuk (Ukraine) – AaaVeee
    Olga Storozhuk (Ukraine) - AaaVeee