Best of the Maldives: Sand Bars – Constance Moofushi

Constance Moofushi - sand bar

The classic allure of the Maldives is the minimalist iconic image of a plot of sand with a solitary palm tree. And sometimes, even the palm tree is missing. Then, you are left with one of the Maldives famous sand banks. A smudge of white coral sand peeking out of the sea. If the resort gives you that feeling of remoteness sitting on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean at the resort, then an excursion to one of these postage stamp parcels amps the sensation even more.

Many resorts have a sand bank nearby. Some even have a couple. But Constance Moofushi is the first resort I have come across with 3 or more in its immediate vicinity. When we swung by there during our tour, we spotted three different ones scattered around the resort.

The resort reports:

“The sand banks around Moofushi depend a little on the tides, if its high tide to low tide. Hence they will disappear or appear according to the tides which change on a daily basis, we do have strip 3 times a week to a Sand bank, which is categorised as an easy snorkel trip and where effectively the guest many snorkel over the white sand in very clear waters, fish are abundant. “

Moofushi offers a variety of sand bank experiences with which to enjoy their sand bank variety…

  • Sandbank breakfast – $209 per couple
  • ·Sandbank BBQ lunch – $409 per couple.
  • Sandbank dinner – $570 per couple.
  • Sandbank day trip – $1200 per couple (umbrella, table, chairs and sun beds, refreshments, a BBQ lunch with champagne, private snorkelling guide. This trip would leave around 9.30 am and return at approximately 3.30 pm)

Best of the Maldives: Message in a Bottle – Constance Moofushi

Constance Moofushi - message in a bottle

When people ask me what’s so great about the Maldives, one of my regular replies is…”You know those pictures of a plot of sand and a palm tree? Well, that’s the Maldives!” It is an iconic image of tropical paradise and isolation. And if there another image that is nearly as iconic and complementary, it would be a “message in a bottle” with an “S.O.S” message scrawled inside.

That’s why I love this little story from the Indian Times that came out this week about a guest couple at Constance Moofushi, “Message in a bottle travels from Maldives to Mahabs”…

“A message in a champagne bottle that was tossed into the sea by a Scottish couple on their honeymoon at Maldives eight months ago washed up near the coast of Mamallapuram on Friday. The bottle travelled over a thousand kilometres (about 700 nautical miles) from the Moofushi coastal resort in Maldives before it was picked up by a local tour operator on his evening walk at the Pattipulam beach along the east coast. The note inside the bottle which was plugged with a cork, was rolled up and tied with a string. It read, ‘Mr and Mrs Giles stayed at Moofushi on honeymoon. We went fishing and caught the biggest fish in the sea. So drank this champagne to celebrate! If found please contact us to let us know where out note went.’ The note was signed, Linsey Wright & Marc Giles, Linlithgow, Scotland. C Kothandabani, who found the bottle on Friday evening, phoned the couple the same evening. ‘They were delighted to hear from me. They have promised to come to India soon and meet me,’ said a delighted Kothandabani.”

S.O.S. (“Special Ocean Surprise”)

Best of the Maldives: Private Beach Cinema – Constance Moofushi

Constance Moofushi - private beach cinema

If you prefer a more intimate film night, then Constance Moofushi offers private beach cinema

“Choose your film from a selection of more than 100 to watch on a private screen, with the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore and soft powder sand beneath your feet.  Lie back on loungers or beanbags and let us create a unique luxury cinema experience complete with popcorn, ice cream, canapés, sparkling wine, beers and soft drinks served to you on the beach.”

Lori and I have our own little home cinema in the UK. It is one of the greatest treats. You can stretch out on the sofa, and you can pause the movie to ask a question or refill your wine glass. Frankly, we love watching movies and it’s one of the very few things that we might “miss” when we visit the Maldives. Sure, some resorts have public theatres (but that would involve syncing our schedule to the playing times) and most resorts have TVs (but that would involve secluding ourselves in our room when paradise is just outside the door. Moofushi’s approach seems to be an inspired best of all possible worlds.