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Gili Lankanfushi - cocktails

A refresher for the end of the day is a cocktail which can also sparkle, uplift, sooth or relax. The ‘Doctor of Mixology’ has to be Muthu Kumar, Head Bartender at Gili Lankanfushi’s their Overwater Bar. He trained for 6 months in cocktail mixing. And looking at the dissertation length bar cocktail menu, you can see why. Gili offers…

  • 24 Champagne Cocktails – including, “Sake – Cham” (Japanese junmai daiginjo sake, syrup and Champagne) and “Royal Lime Sorbet” (Fresh lime, syrup, Champagne mixed with lime sorbet)
  • 19 Martinis – including, “Apple and Cinnamon Martini” (Organic apple juice, lime juice, syrup, cinnamon vodka, muddled with fresh apple and cinnamon), “Cardamom and Pineapple Martini” (Cardamom vodka, syrup and fresh pineapple juice)
  • 12 “Herb Cocktails”
  • 11 “Limbo” (Lime in Maldivian) cocktails
  • 12 Vodka cocktails
  • 6 Wine cocktails
  • 9 Gin cocktails
  • 10 Rum cocktails
  • 9 Tequila cocktails
  • 9 Brandy cocktails
  • 8 Whiskey cocktails
  • 10 coffee cocktails (5 hot versions and 5 cold ones)
  • 6 “Signature Cocktails”

They also have 6 ‘Shooter’ cocktails crowned by the house specialty the ‘7 Layer Shooter’ – Muthu Kumar (With the W Retreat’s signature ‘7 Layer Chocolate Cake’ I am wondering if there is some sort of culinary law od physics that says you can pile up an ingredient on top of itself a number of times, but it is absolutely limited ‘7’. Sort of like the number of times you can fold a piece of paper in half).

It’s not just the recipes that have variety, but the ingredients themselves. They stock 21 types of Vodka, 19 types of gin, 15 brands of Rum, 8 Tequillas, 29 liqueurs, 38 whiskies, 13 Apperitifs and 8 Digestifs, 18 Cognacs, 9 Grappas, 9 ports/sherries, 10 soft drinks, 11 juices, 7 smoothies, 7 lassis, 12 beers, 14 mocktails, 25 ‘spa’ cocktails (eg. Ayurveda elixirs), 20 types of teas.

In short, 151 types of cocktail made from 248 types of drinks (and of course, you could have any of the latter straight up).

Stay tuned for Muthu’s latest innovation as he is soon to introduce ‘Smoky’ cocktails to the already encyclopaedic mix.


Gili Lankanfushi - Muthu cocktails

9 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: Cocktail Compendium – Gili Lankanfushi

  1. than x a lots this is muthu from gili lankanfushi Maldives

  2. superb muthu

  3. jeonminyong on December 22, 2012 at 11:00 pm said:

    hey Muthu…^^

    Do u know who i am?

    I'm a korean guest who I've just stayed 4 nite. and I'm come back in Korea…

    U r so amazing bartender and great guy…

    thanks for everything…

    have good one and see u next time~^^

  4. i am expecting youg

  5. thanks friend

  6. rasheed on February 8, 2013 at 10:30 am said:

    muthu keep it up..

  7. John on May 20, 2013 at 3:30 pm said:

    Hey Muthu! Thank you for the awesome time.

    We really enjoyed the session especially the special drink.

    Thanks again,

    Teresa and John

  8. I’m in the Fish Resturant right now, October 27, 2016. I just had this 7 layer dilly- it rocks, seriously, an amazing shot that is worthy of the Maldives! Mutha Kumar def got skillz, after 2 of these, I’ve dubbed him Sir Mix’alot!!

  9. Patrick on January 21, 2023 at 5:28 pm said:

    Muthu’s at the Waldorf now, and he’s still the man!! Amazing drinks and great conversation…taught me how to upgrade my Old Fashioned game and delivered some incredible drinks that are way beyond our skills! Thanks buddy!!

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