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LUX Maldives orchid

Most couples coming to the Maldives have a different sort of ‘elegant reception’ on their minds either having just arrived from one at their wedding or planning a special one at the Maldives. Some people like to have everything done for them by a wedding planner and others like to do all the preparation themselves. But sometimes, you want something in between. A personal touch of hands-on with the guidance of an expert who can spur ideas and thwart rookie errors.

My sister Sharyl Stropkay offers that sort of service for interior design for people who want to lend their own touch and apply their creativity, but need guidance about fundamentals as well as tricks and tips and it is very popular.

LUX* Maldives offer sjust such a ‘wedding coach’ service…

“Rather than rely on a professional wedding planner, some couples may prefer to use their own talents to produce a creative and more personal wedding. LUX* will support such individuals by helping them to imagine a design their own unique celebration.”

For example, LUX* Maldives have an orchid nursery so that you can go into it and design your own bouquet. They also once cleared one of their main island bars to create a special beach disco because that was the couple’s dream.

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    LUX Maldives YouTube channel has a video on their service –

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