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400! That’s how many ‘Best of Maldives’ pieces I have logged with today’s post. Looking for something suitable for this quadricentennial milestone. ‘400’ is the square of 20, the HTTP status code for a bad client request, the top wealthy people in Forbes. It is also the price for ‘Boardwalk’ in the American version of Monopoly. With all of its hotels, money spending, and entrepreneurship in the Maldives tourism industry, that seemed particularly apropos for Maldives Complete.

Most resorts have a selection of classic board games at a common area library or from reception – chess, checkers, Risk. And the all-time classic for when you really have lots of time to while away – Monopoly. LUX* Maldives, in their characteristically creative-quirk style has lent a twist to even this simple pastime…

Monopoly that makes a difference. Join us in a villa or a suite where we will set up the game and convert the Monopoly money ‘winnings’ of the victor into a real currency donation to our carefully screened and approved community projects.”

It got me thinking that they should do a Maldives Monopoly custom-version.

Each ‘colour’ collection could be a different atoll (with an effort at trying to get escalating prices of properties featured)…

  • Dark red – North Male (Club Faru, Summer Island)
  • Light blue – South Male (Fihahlohi, Club Rannalhi, Kandooma)
  • Pink – North Ari (Chaaya Ellaidhoo, Maayafushi, Bathala)
  • Dark Yellow – South Ari (Vilamendhoo, Vakarufalhi, Mirihi)
  • Red – Nilandhe (Angsana Velavaru, Filitheyo, Niyama)
  • Yellow – Gaafu (Park Hyatt, Ayada, The Residence)
  • Green – Baa (Anantara Kihavah, Soneva Fushi, Four Seasons Landaa Giravaru)
  • Dark blue – (The Rania Experience, Dhoni Island)

Alternatively, each grouping could be a resort operating group…

  • Dark red – (Club Faru, Fihahlohi)
  • Light blue – Villa (Holiday Island, Paradise Island, Sun Island)
  • Pink – Chaaya (Hakura Hura Huraa, Dhonveli, Elaidhoo)
  • Dark Yellow – Crown & Champa (Meeru, Komandoo, Kuredu)
  • Red – AAA (Medhufushi, Filitheyo, Zitahli Kudafunafaru)
  • Yellow – Universal (Kurumba, Baros, Velassaru)
  • Green – Adaaran (Dhigu, Naladhu, Kihavah)
  • Dark blue – Four Seasons (Kuda Huraa, Landaa Giravaru)

Other changes could include…

  • ‘Houses’ would be ‘Villas’
  • ‘Hotels’ would ‘Water Villas’
  • ‘Railroads’ would be ‘Liveaboards’ (Yasawa Princess, Atoll Explorer, Dhaainkan’baa, Four Seasons Explorer)
  • Utilities would be ‘Dive Centre’ and ‘Water Centre’
  • ‘Jail’ would be the ‘Male Airport Transfer Lounge’.
  • ‘Free Parking’ would be ‘Free Diving’

Community Chest and Chance cards would have things like…

  • ‘Step on coral, pay $500 reef restoration fine’ (this idea courtesy of Vilamendhoo)
  • ‘Advance Token to the Nearest Dive Centre’
  • ‘Advance Token to the Nearest Water Sports Centre’
  • ‘Get PADI certified. Pay $150’
  • ‘Pay decompression chamber fees of $100’
  • ‘You have won second prize in a swimsuit contest – Collect $10’

The tokens would have to be all changed…

  • Ship → Dhoni
  • Old shoe → Fin/flipper
  • Top hat → Cocktail with umbrella
  • Doggie → Turtle

Any other suggestions??

2 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: Board Game – LUX* Maldives

  1. Caught cooking crabs in kettle

    Fine $100

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