Best of the Maldives: Seclusion – Island Hideaway

Island Hideaway villas


On the other hand, if you escape to the Maldives seeking the ultimate in privacy and seclusion, with the demise (or dormancy) of Dhoni Island, the new prince of privacy and seclusion, belied in its very name, is Island Hideaway Dhonakulhi

Comments the Private Islands Online

“Nature and luxury blend harmoniously together at The Island Hideaway. The guest villa complexes are some of the largest of any resort in the Maldives. These majestic chalets are tucked into the lush greenery and scattered along the beach-line some 30 metres apart from one another, providing the ultimate in privacy.”

The sand spit for dining is pretty secluded too (see below)…


Island Hideaway sand spit

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