Best of the Maldives: Pool Service – Kanuhura

Kanuhura pool


Kanuhura does seem to have a thing for making your plunges as pampered as possible. In addition to its ‘Bath Menu’ it also offers ‘Pool Service’ (if you prefer your soaking on a larger, more public scale). Their services include…

  • Sun glass polishing by the beach host
  • Complimentary sorbets and ice creams (we had mango, coconut and pistachio…yum!), all home made on the island
  • Wireless Internet
  • Face mist spray service
  • Music CD menu

Yes, ‘sun glass polishing’ and ‘face mist spray service’. The spa is right next door to the pool, though, and I think the one thing they could add to the already decadently extravagant service would be “Suncream Application – one of our spa therapists will apply sun cream rubbing it in thoroughly while applying a gentle massage.” Just sayin’.

Maybe as a encore, Kanuhura will introduce a ‘Snorkelling Concierge’ with stuff like mask defogging and getting sand out of our fins. In any case, if you like aqueous indolence, then Kanuhura is the place for you.

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