Best of the Maldives: Reception Pool – Ozen Maadhoo

OZEN Maadhoo - reception pool

It’s all about the water. The alluring azure ocean, the idyllic infinity pools…the Maldivian experience is defined by intimacy with ubiquitous water. So it was especially apropos to be welcomed at OZEN Maadhoo by an expansive water feature which set this aesthetic tone right from our arrival.

This post has prompted me to add a tag for “Reception” to assemble all of the posts about great reception features that welcome guests.

Best of the Maldives: Arrival Jetty Glass Floor – OZEN Maadhoo

OZEN MAadhoo - arrival jetty glass floor

Maldives is defined by its intimacy with the water, and resorts have become renowned for underwater and overwater facilities to put guest as close as possible to this main event. The glass floor has become one of the iconic elements to extend this aquatic vista even further. OZEN Maadhoo starts every visitor off with this perspective featuring a prominent one right on their arrival jetty. One of the first things you do when you arrive in the Maldives (even after two decades, I can attest) is to look down to see the myriad sea life frolicking below as you walk along the arrival jetty, but at Maadhoo this thrilling sight started as soon as we had our welcome drink in hand.

Best of the Maldives: 3D Virtual Models – OZEN Maadhoo

OZEN Maadhoo - 3d graphics

One of the first pieces of information I gathered for the resort database was maps of all the resorts. Back then, few resorts had websites and I had to scan paper copies I had collected. I’ve always had a special fondness for maps and have highlighted some of the more creative renditions. When I added a Room Type database, similarly, Floor Plans were a key piece of information. OZEN Maadhoo has applied some striking technical wizardry to its versions of these plan with complete 3D virtual models of their villas. That real gives you feel for where you are going to be staying.

Best of the Maldives: Easy Underwater Restaurant – OZEN Maadhoo

OZEN MAadhoo - underwater restaurant

Even though underwater rooms are becoming more and more prevalent in the aquarium-like lagoons of the Maldives, they can still be budget-bustingly expensive. And if you are part of the growing contingent of guest brings children, then what to do with them during your special meal is an added complication. But not at OZEN Maadhoo’s sub-aquatic eatery Minus Six Metres (aka “M6M”). OZEN offers a complimentary dinner as a part of their comprehensive all-inclusive package with every 4-day stay. And also, don’t worry about the children:

  • So that adults can fully enjoy the romantic dining experience at the underwater restaurant near Malé, children are only allowed on special days. In the meantime, while parents enjoy their M6m visit, an exciting programme with delicious snacks is offered for children at the kids’ club.”

Worry-free under-the-sea gastronomy!

Best of the Maldives: Ornate Eagle Ray – OZEN Maadhoo

The best of the “Best of the Maldives” posts are about discoveries that a rare, exciting and “wow”. And you don’t come any more so than the Ornate Eagle Ray we watched swimming in the water villa lagoon of OZEN Maadhoo. It was a fitting crescendo to a superb 2022 Tour. As Lori went out to the deck of our water villa she spotted this fellow cruising by. She grabbed her phone and followed him to the end of the jetty until she could get a good angle to shoot this footage. This was the first time we had ever seen this spectacularly mottled ray in over two decades of snorkeling, diving and jetty strolling in the Maldives. The Maadhoo Dive Manager Udo Goergen said in his many years there, he had only seen them a few times.


Tour 2022- OZEN Maadhoo

Maldives Tour 2022 Ozen Maadhoo

To paraphrase Meghan Trainor, it’s all about the “blues” (no “trouble”). One aspect that makes the Maldives such a global bucket list destination is its unparalleled tapestry of aquatic azure hues. This famous blend of cerulean, cobalt and cyan is punctuated by a touches of tropical palm green and brilliant white sand tinged by highlights of golden sunshine. OZEN Maadhoo exemplifies the distinctive Maldives palette with an expansive variegated lapis lagoon, lush verdant vegetation, broad cotton white beaches and, of course, plenty of glowing sun. I’ve seen big lagoons before in the Maldives, and I have seen big beaches, but I don’t recall seeing such an extensive combo of both at one island.

The aesthetic theme is imbued in its elegant pool with its own pattern of blue tiles. And if you want you can even explore under the blues with visit to its underwater restaurant “Minus 6 Meters”

OZEN Maadhoo splashes the ultimate maritime expanse of colour.

OZEN Maadhoo - aerial