Best of the Maldives: Easy Underwater Restaurant – OZEN Maadhoo

OZEN MAadhoo - underwater restaurant

Even though underwater rooms are becoming more and more prevalent in the aquarium-like lagoons of the Maldives, they can still be budget-bustingly expensive. And if you are part of the growing contingent of guest brings children, then what to do with them during your special meal is an added complication. But not at OZEN Maadhoo’s sub-aquatic eatery Minus Six Metres (aka “M6M”). OZEN offers a complimentary dinner as a part of their comprehensive all-inclusive package with every 4-day stay. And also, don’t worry about the children:

  • So that adults can fully enjoy the romantic dining experience at the underwater restaurant near Malé, children are only allowed on special days. In the meantime, while parents enjoy their M6m visit, an exciting programme with delicious snacks is offered for children at the kids’ club.”

Worry-free under-the-sea gastronomy!

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