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Kandima - hanging garden 2

Kandima not only has a distinctive horizontal surface, it also boasts one of the most striking vertical surfaces in the Maldives (in fact, you can also see one of the walls behind the table in yesterday’s post). Such hanging gardens are as wonder-ful now as they were in times of Babylon. Last spring, we visited Singapore who’s signature attraction are such gardens draped over giant palm tree shaped frames and illuminated at night with colourful lights set to music. That’s taking natural materials and green design to an entirely new level (well, at least the second floor). Thanks Paola.

Kandima - hanging garden 1

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  1. laura Martin on January 31, 2018 at 1:08 am said:

    Hello Bruce,

    What a wonderful blog you have 🙂

    Still I am not very sure where could be the best place for me and my friend to go. We are actually on a budget, but want to still take advantage of the beautiful snorkelling and diving that The Maldives can offer. We just wanted to ask for what would be in your opinion the best island to visit to fulfil our needs. I know this might be a very broad question, but it just incredibly overwhelming to us the great amount of choices there are.

    Apologies for disturbing you with what I believe might be a repetitive subject for you.

    Thank you very much in advance,


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  3. Laura – Apologies for the delay of response. Have you seen this post – ?

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