Best of the Maldives: Cirque de Soleil – Finolhu

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Finolhu puts the “Soleil” into the “Cirque de Soleil”. Today is International Sight day and some of the things you will see at Finolhu will make you not believe your eyes (including the occasional mermaid known to visit the island).

Finolhu has a bit of a retro Las Vegas nightlife vibe with its own resident entertainment acts high on showmanship and flair. They’ve featured hoops, silk banners, large hoops, fire dancing by a group called Area 51 which resident for three months. Then they circulate in a fresh set of artistes. When we visited a group from Mexico was there performing every night.

The resort explained that part of their contact is that during the day, the performers must work on new tricks and material. The idea is that the “artists-in-residence” have sort of a bootcamp for developing and refining their craft and act all the while sharing the fresh new work with the resort guests. Finolhu targets young groups early in their career so the booking can be a boost to their careers.

Sometimes resort (and cruise) entertainment can be a bit jaded. Circuit acts going through the motions with their gigs of tired material. But the Finolhu acts had a fresh vitality about them. All the buzz of someone pursuing their dreams and living them every day in paradise. And when they finally do hit the big time and get that headline act in Vegas, you can say you saw them in the original Circles of Sun in the Indian Ocean.

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3 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: Cirque de Soleil – Finolhu

  1. Hey that’s not true , you need to have a experience and years doing circus and entertainment is not for beginners.
    And is AREA51 no 54 📝
    Don’t know when you get this information but is not correct.

  2. Jonathan – Thanks for the typo catch (fixed). Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. None of these acts are “beginners”. They are skilled and accomplished performers who have been working for years on their craft. It’s just that now they are ready for professional performing, they are still early in their career. They haven’t had as much stage experience in front of audiences. They use the time during the gig to polish, refine, experiment with variations, push the boundaries, etc.

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