Best of the Maldives: Biggest Yacht – Dhigufaru

Dhigufaru - yacht 2

We’re gonna need a bigger boat” – Martin Brody, Jaws

Well, not for the sharks (or “sand puppies” as we call them). More for the marina flashonista set, . Dhigufaru has introduced the largest resort yacht in the Maldives. The Dhaainkan’baa is 41m (LOA) and has 7 Staterooms (6 Doubles and one Twin). That compares to the Four Seasons Explorer at 39 m (although the Explorer does have 10 staterooms and one Explorer Suite).

Fully equipped for diving, motorised water sports, fitness equipment and spa therapies. You can get more massive details from the Fact Sheet here.

Dhigufaru - yacht

Dhigufaru - yacht 3

3 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: Biggest Yacht – Dhigufaru

  1. I am trying to contact the Owner of dhaainkanbaa.
    Web site contact form is not working nor its Facebook page…

    • Have you tried contacting the resort, Dhigufaru?

      • Don’t get your hopes too high for coral. Post 2016, El Nino, generally high ocean temperatures, other ocean pollutants and COTS have wreaked havoc on the Maldives coral reefs that same as they have around the world. The snorkeling is still accessible with often plenty of marine life to see. To have both beach and water villas with pools and under $650/night. Look at OBLU by Atmosphere, OBLU Select Sangeli and Vilu Reef (though I have not yet visited those properties so I can’t personally vouch for their house reefs).

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