Best of the Maldives: Canopied Kids Pool – JA Manafaru

JA Manafaru - kids pool

JA Manafaru’s kids pool is the other extreme to Huvafenfushi’s “Lonu Veyo” pool. While Huva’s is open on all side, this pool is obviously (like all kids clubs) enclosed to keep them from wandering off. But it’s not just 360 degree surround. It’s protection extends above too with an overhead canopy.

A brilliant touch to a kid’s pool. Kids can play all day in the pool. That means constant reapplying of sub block as it constantly gets washed off. The canopy provides a bit extra sun protection for their tender skin not to mention glare shielding for their eyes. Nothing ruins a sunny holiday much more than a sun burn. Some resorts actually have enclosed areas for their water play areas with full roofs. They have their benefits but do lose a bit of the warmth and brightness of the tropical outdoors.

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