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palm tree moving


Orthogonal, inverted or just in the way, One and Only Reethi Rah will make adjustments to ensure that your view of the sunset is just perfect. They will even change the landscape. Reethi actually moved a palm tree for a guest who found it obstructing his view. The resort regularly move trees on island as they actively cultivate the lush flora so they had the means to do it.

At first blush, it seems quite decadent (well, at second and third blush too), but I can empathise. One of my pet peeves is when dining areas are obstructed by foliage especially when they are relatively close to the water. I am as big a fan of nature as the next person, but if I am sitting close enough to the ocean to hear its mini-Maldivian waves tickling the shoreline, I would like to be able glance over my fish curry to have an admiring glance at it. And I can never figure out why such resorts don’t clear the foliage to enhance the diners’ views. But Reethi will enhance just about anything in any way to get it just right.

(picture above not from Reethi though)

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