Best of the Maldives: Suite Toilet – Constance Halaveli

Constance Halaveli Toto toilet

Not only can you find a “Best of…” for just about anything in the Maldives these days, you can also find a declared “Day of…” just about anything as well. And today is “World Toilet Day”. Declared by the UN no less (with the very credible objective of raising awareness of sanitation issues in less developed areas of the world).

Constance Halaveli celebrates the pinnacle of hygiene convenience and technology with the latest Toto Neorest model featured in its Presidential Beach Villa. No spouse arguments over leaving the seat up as it automatically raises and lowers the seat for you. And I guess you can get a more aptly labelled gadget button than “Rear Cleaning” (see below).


Constance Halaveli Toto toilet 2

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