Best of the Maldives: Photo Shack – LUX* Maldives

LUX Maldives photo shack 1

You don’t have to be a pro to set, shoot and share this Kodak beauty spot at LUX* Maldives. They have installed a ‘Photo Shack’ which is completely automated (and free of charge) if you prefer a more multimedia greeting. Set at a picturesque part of the island, covered in palms to shade the eyes, it’s like a photo booth that takes free photos.

“We all love a bit of nostalgic fun especially when we’re at the seaside, so we’re inviting you and your family to squeeze into one of our digital photo booths for a spontaneous, happy snappy photo shoot. But don’t expect the grubby metal boxes that you are used to in shopping malls and railway stations. Houses in chic wooden shacks, our booths are painted in vibrant colours, so when you happen across one, be prepared to relax and pull some silly faces. You can print your photos too and this very clever photo shack will even send the photo to your Facebook account to share with your friends.”

Easy holiday greetings all year round. And, you have an option to post them to Facebook. Like!

LUX Maldives photo shark 2

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