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Tour 3 arrival



Back at our home away from home. It’s great to see our old friends. The trigger fish, the reef sharks, the parrot fish. They all came out to greet us for our return to the Maldives. As well as a pretty beefy black tip reef shark who swam by the arrival jetty (dutifully logged in the Snorkel Spotter). Fortunately, the friendly type, not like the one in this video (which happens to be taken where Lori and I have our other seaside vacations on the Intercoastal Waterway of North Carolina where Lori’s sister lives).

Lots of settling in and getting ready for the big week coming up with 10 resorts in 10 days. My itinerary for the rest of the week is listed below and per usual I will be posting daily overviews of each resort to be followed with the first ‘Best of Maldives’ I dig up about each respectively when I return. I will also be posting shorter notes about each stay on TripAdvisor Maldives Forum where I have alerted my various Forum friends of my trip and promised updates.

Tour 3 itinerary

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