Best of the Maldives: Full Board – Palm Beach

Palm Beach ful board sushi
Unlimited sushi buffet just one of the Palm Beach offerings on Full Board

The best board in the Maldives is not Surf boarding, Wake boarding or even Kite Boarding…but Palm Beach’s ‘Full Board’. They offer a ‘Full Board’ which includes more stuff than many All Inclusives. It’s sort of like a ‘dry’ or ‘tee totaller’ All Inclusive as it includes just about everything, but no alcohol. That said, even beer IS included there. Free beer! Nuff said.

I’ve already spoken about their non-stop food schedule (which is all included in the Full Board). Other freebies include..

  • Instruction (golf, tennis, squash pros on staff)
  • Excursions (snorkel trips twice daily to the house reef, picnic island once each week, fisherman’s local island once each week)
  • Equipment (bicycle and the Presidential suite gets their own golf buggy, snorkelling gear)

So what do you actuallty have to pay for?

  • Motorized water sports
  • Special coffees (cappuccino)
  • Wine and cocktails

Full on.

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