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W Retreat tshirts

W Retreat is the cashmere of Maldives resorts. Soft, cozy and luxurious.

A bit of an off-beat recognition for a resort that does pride itself on off-beat stuff. But it is just so evident. When my wife Lori and I visited the W this summer, we were stuck by the quality of materials used in general, but especially the sheets (which have super high thread counts).

I thought that it would be a fun piece to do today being Easter which is all about soft, cuddly things like baby chicks and bunnies not to mention silky smooth chocolate to savor.

The GM of the W (GMW?) Lauren Kritzinger knew my pet peeve about resorts not having good t-shirts for sale. So he was gutted when their revamped styles had not arrived when we visited. I let him off the hook and took his word for it that they would be good. But, not content, Laurens sent me a couple of samples of the new product (see picture above) when we got home. And yes, the t-shirts are truly distinctive. And that is from a resort t-shirt connoisseur. Nice simple styling, but most distinctive is the material. The cotton is such a fine grade it is like silk. Not only do they feel fantastic, but they are lighter weight than any other t-shirt I have ever come across. Just right for the toasty sunshine of the Maldives.

Soft shirts, soft sands, soft bedding, soft music, a soft touch with their obsessive service and even free soft drinks every few feet.

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