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If you like a good laugh, then Club Med Kani is the top yuckster hang out in the Maldives. While tranquillity and quiet seem to the norm and aspiration for many Maldives resorts, I was struck by the truly boisterous energy (in the main areas…there are plenty of peaceful areas across the island) at Kani when I visited. Laughter in pool, in the games area, around the bar.

But the in the evenings, the resort undertakes its most ambitious humour with regular comedy shows. First of all, putting on comedy to a mulit-cultural crowd is a massive challenge. There is of course the language issue not mention the various cultural variations prevailing senses of humour. As a result, the entertainment does tend to devolve to the lowest common denominator of slapstick with liberal use of the language-independent mime. But beyond these fundamental challenges, I was stuck by the enthusiasm with which the guests embraced these shows. At many resorts, entertainment evenings are a tick-in-the-box distraction that draw a few semi-interested guests. But at Kani, the purpose-built the theatre area is regularly packed out with a lively audience.


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