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Soneva Fushi cheese

Some people opt for a cheese plate over pudding. In which case, Soneva Gili’s sister property, Soneva Fushi, features an extravagant cheese collection as part of its stunning wine cellar. Its 7000+ bottle collection ranks among the best in the Maldives in its own right, but the cheese is truly distinctive. I was alerted to it by a friend and Soneva Fushi regular, Mark Richardson, who raved about the cheese smorgasbourg. Contacting Soneva, their Sales and Marketing Executive Aishath Ali gave me the details…

“At any given time we have at least 30 to 40 different cheeses in house. We get our cheese from a very well respected Cheese Affineur in Belgium. The best Port we have though is a fantastic find – 1937 Colheita from Royal Oporto. We have weekly wine and cheese tastings in our underground wine cellar where we pair ‘Natural’ wines with some of Europe’s most unique artisanal cheeses.”

Selections include Soumaintrain fermier, Roqueforte Artisenale, Livarot, Perail Brebis, Lanres fermier, Maroille Ferme Blanche, Blue des Causses A.O.C., L’Ami du Chambertin, Manchego, Swiss Gruyer Haut Alpage, Reypenaar.

Say ‘cheese’! At Soneva Fushi, that will definitely put a smile on your face.

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