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Yesterday the world surpassed 7 billion people. That is according to the U.N.'s Population Division’s country-by-country projections of demographic trends. An awe inspiring number with equally stirring implications for the planet as MSNBC’s piece ‘7 Big Problems for 7 Billion People’ highlights. Sort the ‘Seven I-Wonders of the World’.

The Maldives has long been on the forefront of global ecological awareness and activism. And it re-inforces this focus with its recently launched ‘Always Natural’ campaign.

Maldives Complete has also, in its own trivial way, paid heed to visitors’ concerns about ‘population’. With both room count and island size in its database, it was pretty simply to add its ‘Population Density’ field as well (thanks Mark). In fact, the Room Density is something you can select for in the ‘Resort Finder’.

The most densely packed resort comes in as the freshly minted Jumeirah Vittaveli (opening 15 December). Its 91 rooms on 14,000 square metres is a mere 154 square metres per room. The result is skewed heavily by the resort having a large number of water villas (which don’t occupy any land) and being a skinny island (more circular islands occupy more acreage with space in the interior where the resorts tend not to put villas).

If you want to find out your place in the throng of billions, check out BBC’s ‘What’s Your Number’ calculator.

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