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Department of National Mapping

Maps are a big thing for Maldives Complete. When you have 100+ resorts on a 1,192 islands a map is pretty critical. And the unique topology is one of the things that makes the Maldives a front runner contender for the ‘Seven Natural Wonders of the World’. One of my highlights of any trip to the Maldives is when the airplane finally arrives in Maldives airspace and the dappling of stunning blues start to appear in the ocean below.

Maldives Complete already features both Bing maps and resort maps on each resort profile as well as a unique ‘Deep Zoom’ version of the classic British Admiralty charts. Now, thanks to Francis Negrin once again, I have another to share.

The Maldives Department of Planning has posted its official atoll maps accompanied by an official resort listing on the web. Since Francis highlighted it to me a while back, I have found it extremely useful as the definitive source on resort status, names and geo information.

As Francis commented, “this collection of maps is amazing and the only worthwhile maps of maldives I have ever seen. it shows all the existing resorts with real and current commercial names shown in blue, and also in blue are all the islands set aside for resort development . It makes it easier to then go on google earth to see what the islands are like from above, or search the internet for news about new resorts opening (an otherwise quasi impossible task)… or to see what uninhabited or inhabited islands are near certain resort islands etc. and it is relatively up to date (2009).

One Thought on “Best of the Maldives: Online Official Resort Mapping – Maldives Department of National Planning

  1. Thanks for including Male' Map webstie in your review (  . yeah too bad its pronounced as male map  . can't get domains with apostrophe so this is the best choice we had hehe). Just to add to the info you've given:* When you first view the webstie, the map shown (at 200m zoom) is the map of male' provided by Google Maps. As you can see its not very accurate. We left this as it is to make loading time faster when you first visit the webstie. * We have added our own custom map for higher zoom levels. When you search and click on an address, the location is shown at a higher zoom level which contains more detail such as street names and block numbers (highest zoom level). * We've also recently added a new feature   which lets you add photos to locations of Male'. Its cool to know that there is a Maldivian Podcast on technology. Keep up the good work   cheers

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