Best of the Maldives: Kowgosmufushi– Underwater Activity

Myth that there is nothing to do except snorkel, dive and swim in the ocean because 99%+ of the county is water. While there is plenty to do on land, the potential for underwater frolicking in the crystal clear lagoons and reefs is boundless. No one seems to have embraced that potential more that the newly launched Kowgosmufushi resort  who have devised the most creative and ambitious slate of underwater activity of any other property in the Maldives. Maldives Complete has secured another scoop on this ambitious venture located in the Haa atoll. We have long tracked the unusual and distinctive so the resort management knew where to come to for someone that would really appreciate their bold ambition and creative offerings. Resort Manager Aff Ali told Maldives Complete, “Kowgosmufushi really understands the understated undersea potential with its innovations underway” In another Maldives Complete exclusive, here is the complete catalogue of underwater activity at Kowgosmufushi…

  1. Nightclub [ABOVE]
  2. Guitar Playing
    Underwater - activity - guitar playing
  3. Dancing
    Underwater - activity - dancing
  4. Conga Line
    Underwater - activity - conga line
  5. Disco Dancing
    Underwater -activity - disco dancing
  6. Dirty Dancing
    Underwater - activity - dirty dancing
  7. Pole Dancing
    Underwater - activity - pole dancing
  8. Pool
    Underwater - activity - pool
  9. Golfing
    Underwater - activity - golf
  10. Tennis
    Underwater - activity - tennis
  11. Skateboarding
    Underwater - activity - skateboarding
  12. Surfing
    Underwater - activity - surfing
  13. Weight Lifting
    Underwater - activity - weight lifting
  14. Boxing
  15. Spinning Class
    Underwater - activity - spinning class

  16. Biking
    Underwater - activity - biking
  17. Crime Fighting
    Underwater - activity - crime fighting
  18. Reading
    Underwater - activity - reading
  19. Fish School
    Underwater - activity - fish school
  20. Quiz Night
    Underwater - activity - quiz night

  21. Romance
    Underwater - activity - romance
  22. Wedding Make-up
    Underwater - activity - dressing
  23. Fashion Show
    Underwater - activity - fashion show
  24. Photoshoot
    Underwater - activity - photoshoot

  25. Driving
    Underwater - activity - driving
  26. Camping
    Underwater - activity - camping
  27. Swinging
    Underwater - activity - swining
  28. Massage
    Underwater - activity - massage
  29. Yoga
    Underwater - activity - yoga
  30. Watermelon Eating
    Underwater - activity - watermelon
  31. Cooking Classes
    Underwater - activity - cooking
  32. Web Surfing
    Underwater - activity - computer
  33. Candle Lit Phone Calling
    Underwater - activity - phone call
  34. Body Surfing
    Underwater - activity - body surfing
  35. Double Body Surfing
    Underwater - activity - double body surfing
  36. And whatever this is…
    Underwater - activity - whatever


Tropical Anti-Depression

Maldives anti-depressant

This cartoon could have been my wife Lori 20 years ago. We had been living in the UK for a few years at that point and the grey, dreary British winters were taking their toll on her psyche. Eventually, she gave me an ultimatum, “Bruce, either take me on a sunny holiday or put me in psychotherapy. The choice is yours, but might I suggest that either way you are going to pay and you might enjoy the holiday a bit more.” And thus started our nearly annual trips to the Maldives laying the groundwork for Maldives Complete.

Today is National Depression Screening Day 2016 in the USA. So if you have been feeling a bit more down than you probably should be, look out for the many seminars and events being held to provide information and guidance. There many effective ways to address and treat depression these days…even if you can’t make it to the Maldives.