July Weather…Again

July Weather satellite map

July seems to cause a particular amount of consternation with guests who read weather forecasts of nothing but rain for days on end and fear that their trip-of-a-lifetime will be a wash-out. I’ve already posted a piece clarifying the usually modest impact rain has in July after my 2019 Tour, but we enjoyed another particularly pronounced example of the “passing shower” and thought it would be helpful to post it. While the rain cloud in the video below did miss our island, on another day we did get hit square on with a 20-minute downpour pelting it down with quite strong winds. We were quite impressed with the nonplussed children in the pool who weren’t phased in the least and continued their watery frolicking made all the more watery during the mini-rainstorm.

The storm was part of a passing front which we looked up on the satellite weather website (see above). One of the benefits of being in the middle of the ocean is that there are no mountains to block ort dry land to slow down passing weather. So if you do get hit, you can usually count on it passing right over fairly quickly.

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