Tour 2023 – Dhawa Ihuru

Dhawa Ihuru is the “close” resort.  It is a close 25-minute transfer from Male (but far away from airport traffic and not having Male in your face).  Many people want a short transfer especially if they have an only a short stay or sometimes because they aren’t fond of small planes (like seaplanes).  The house reef is just metres away for most of the island.  Accessibility is a big plus for house reefs and Ihuru’s is one you want to access.  And if you prefer even easier access to underwater sights, Ihuru offers the rare double snorkeling option with a coral cropping rich lagoon in addition to its dramatic drop-off reef.  The villas, bar, and restaurant are all situated close to the ocean’s edge so you always hear the gentle lapping of the water.  And in the beach villa is a comfy day bed right by the window so you can get some relief from the heat sitting in your AC space, but still feel close to the gorgeous paradise right outside.

Dhawa Ihuru ticks all of the boxes for a Maldives resort:  stylish accommodation and décor, delicious cuisine, accessible house reef (with strong coral growth!), and reasonable pricing for a luxury property.  All the things to push it close to the top of any short list for consideration.

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