Best of the Maldives: Children’s Story – Soneva

Soneva Jani - lost and found

You might expect the first children’s book in (and from) the Maldives to feature some sort of marine creature, but instead the protagonist is a furry little land resident. Well, resident on Soneva Fushi. Soneva has been home to bunnies not just at Easter (Happy Orthodox Easter today!), but all year round since its beginning.

Lost and Found in the Maldives” tells the story of a bunny named Benjamin who finds himself on this tropical paradise and it introduced to their own leporine luxury. He gets a tour of all of the intriguing sights of the island. The book is the work of Amie Malmstrom, the sister of the “Eva” part of “Soneva”. Complete with charming illustrations, the book is a lovely way to either anticipate or remember a trip to Kunfunadhoo. And of course, the only place you can get it is at one of Soneva’s island bookstores.


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