No Motorized Sports

No motorised sports

Most people want to know what a resort has, but sometimes guests want to know what it doesn’t have. The most prominent example of this is adult-only properties (ie. no children or at least no one younger than a certain age). One of the rationales for going adult-only is to try to ensure extra peace and quiet which is a major motivation for many guests visiting this idyllic paradise in the middle of nowhere. Another avoidance is Male-area properties for the similar noise-fearing reason of disruptive airplane sound. And from time to time, I get asked about a third potential source of noise pollution – motorized water sports. Petrol-powered speed boats zipping around off the beach with guest squealing with delight.

The resorts that I have come up with that don’t have motorised sports on the island (some do offer sports from a nearby island that they will take you to if you do want to enjoy them) are the following:

  • aaaVeee
  • Kandolhu
  • Milaidhoo
  • Mirihi
  • Nautilus

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