Best of the Maldives: Name Etymology– Faarufushi

Faarufushi - etylmology
Velanaagey Family: Prominent members of the Malé nobility circa 1900

What’s in a name? A while back I added “Name Meaning” to the Maldives Complete database which identified (where appropriate or available) the Dhivehi meaning to the names of the resorts. But no etymology is as colourful as Faarufushi or “Guard Island”:

  • Koimala Kalou (Lord Koimala) was the first king of the Homa (Lunar) Dynasty, which some historians call Theemuge. This legendary nobleman of the Lion Race from Ceylon, sailed from Rasgetheemu island (literally King’s Town) in North Maalhosmadulu Atoll to Malé and established a kingdom there. By then, the Aadeetta (Sun) Dynasty ceased to rule in Malé, possibly due to invasions by the Cholas of Southern India in the Tenth Century. The indigenous people in Malé Atoll, the Giraavaru invited Koimala to Malé and permitted him to be the proclaimed king. In Dhivehi language ‘Faara’ means to stand guard and ‘Faaru’ means wall. The name of the island goes way back but likely refers to the fact that the Prince Koimalaa’s security operated out of the island or this island had something to do with the royals in the neighbourhood.”


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