Maldives Top Models

Raudha Aathif (Maldives) – (Male)

Fashion photoshoots are not just the preserve of guests to the Maldives. The Maldives has a wealth of native beauty that extends beyond the paradise backdrop to the very front of the lens. The programme, Top Model, is coming to the Maldives, to showcase some of its brightest faces. It is a sandy catwalk trailblazed by the doyenne of Dhivehi beauty Raudha Aathif (above), the Maldives’ most accomplished model who was tragically murdered as a student in Bangladesh. Maldives Complete had the privilege of getting to know Raudha briefly for one of her few interviews.

But this tiny country has many worthy faces to follow in her footsteps. You can find many on the “Portraits from the Maldives” Instagram feed which is a gallery of elegant and striking portraiture of mostly Maldivian women. Here are perfect ten of other I have come across during my online Maldives research…

  1. Raudha Aathif (Maldives) – Coco Bodu Hithi [ABOVE]
  2. Aala Ahmed (Maldives)
    Aala Ahmed (Maldives)
  3. Angie Aminath Fazleena AbbasVelaa
    Angie Aminath
  4. Bathool Ahmed
    Maldives - Bathool Ahmed
  5. Eem NizamVilu Reef
    Eem Nizam (Maldives) – Vilu Reef
  6. Fathmath Rasha Abdul HaleemMaafushi
    Fathmath Rasha Abdul Haleem (Maldives) - Maafushi
  7. Juu Juway
    Juu Juway (Maldives) – Maldivian Airways
  8. Mariyam AzzaShangri-La Vilingili
    Maldives - Mariyam Azza
  9. Mihooonaa
    Mihooonaa (Maldives)
  10. Reea ArifShangri-La Villingili
    Reea Arif (Maldives) - Villingili


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