Best of the Maldives: Water Camo – Amilla Fushi

Amilla Fushi - water villa camo

Now you see it. The camouflage of the animal kingdom always fascinates. We came upon the king of camo a chameleon on our South Africa safari. We would never have seen it had the guide not pointed it out. In fact, even when the guide did point it out, we struggled to see it at first. And the Maldivian masters of masquerade are of course the octopi. Lori and I spent a delightful snorkel watching an octopus move around the coral croppings constantly changing his color scheme and his very skin texture to match the new coral he was next too.

The octopi of the resort world is Amilla Fushi’s water villas…

  • Anyway, it has its own magic: it is a mirror that reflects the surrounding colors!! Can you see the magic? — at Amilla Fushi.”

More literally hidden wonders of the Maldives. Thank again to Paola – she knows all the Maldives secrets!


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  1. Honestly, is there a more beautiful spot on the water than the Maldives? My wife scheduled a safari through here for our anniversary. It really wasn’t my thing, but we have an agreement that each of us gets to chose our anniversary trip every other year unilaterally. This was her year. I was excited to relax with her and be on the beach. We had been to a few beaches before, so my expectations weren’t too high, especially for the time it took to get there (coming from Baltimore). But man oh man. Once we were there, I just couldn’t believe it was a place we got to visit. I just felt so blessed. Tremendous.

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