Best of the Maldives: Local Village – JA Manafaru

JA Manafaru - village

Maldives National Day today. A time to celebrate Maldivian culture and heritage. At JA Manafaru resort, they celebrate it every day of their year with their own “Kakuni Village” exhibition on the island. Many guests are interested what life was like for residents of this exotic place on Earth (before modern civilisation brought its more globally homogenous concrete and plaster)

The display features several reconstructed Maldivian homes…

A typical traditional house in the Maldives is built here with thatched coconut or palm branches forming the roof of the house which is called BodrugeIt is now very rare to find a house with the badhige (kitchen) as a separate annexure to the dwelling.”

Among other examples of traditional fittings and décor, the village includes…

  • House (bodruge)
  • Gazebo (holhuashi)
  • Outdoor bathing (gifili)
  • Kitchen (badhige)

JA Manafaru - village 2

JA Manafaru - village 4

JA Manafaru - village 3

JA Manafaru - village 5

JA Manafaru - house sign

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