More That I Have Now Seen

One and Only Reethi Rah Maldivian curry

The Maldives keeps evolving and adding every year and invariably the things I hadn’t seen as of twelve months ago have popped up in a few cases. Here are a few of the past gaps that you can now find in the Maldives…

  • Zip line – This wasn’t on any of my earlier lists, but I had jotted it down for mentioning this year…until until I visited Reethi Rah and saw theirs.
  • Banoffee Pie – Not quite Banoffe Pie, but Banoffee inspired.
  • “Gourmet Maldivian Restaurant” – Kurumba and Jumeirah Vittaveli (see above) are getting close with their extensive range of Maldivian influenced haute cuisine (more to follow).
  • “Snorkel Lilo” – 2 models in fact (stay tuned for posts)
  • Sea Horses
  • Beach Wheelchair
  • In Ocean Dining

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