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Olialia Blonde Island Maldives



Happy Blonde Day!

Or you could pick your resort based on the prevailing hair colour of the staff…

When the press release came out a year ago about the ‘Blondes Only’ Olialia Island, everyone was looking for the ’01 April’ publication date. But the announcement was all delivered with a straight face even if they weren’t received with any.

Recently I stumbled upon the LinkedIn profile of Indre Kavaliauskaite who has the title of ‘Project manager at Olialia Blonde Island Maldives’. So it seems that someone is on the case. And judging by her profile picture (see below), her appointment is ‘on brand’ shall we say.

So Maldives Complete was faced with the question of whether to feature it on the site in the list of the resorts. Part of the ‘Complete’ in Maldives Complete is to feature every single resort. Including ones that are shut down for a period or are not yet opened. The thinking is that as people do research, they might have heard about a resort. Maybe it was from a friend who was there before it closed. Maybe it is not opened now, but often people plan trips to the Maldives a year in advance. By that time, the resort in question might just be opened. So info on it should be featured so people can include it on their radar.

It has its own Facebook page. If it is a hoax, then it is an extremely elaborate (and expensive one).


Indre Kavaliauskaite Blonde Island Maldives

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