Best of the Maldives: Adventure Villa – Banyan Tree Madivaru

Banyan Tree Madivaru tented villas

The soft coverings at Banyan Tree Madivaru aren’t just in the villa, but *are* the villa. Their unique ‘Tented Pool Villas’ a sort of sombrillas on steriods

The luxury tent is one of the ultimate in sumptuous adventure. My wife and I have been to some of the finest African safari lodges, but we haven’t had a chance to try one of the tented safaris. It might sound a bit rough and hardy, but actually a number of establishments have created 5-star luxury in a simple tent. Many Maldives resorts try to evoke that natural aesthetic with thatched roofs, but the main villas are all standard construction material. The soft and flowing tented design just seems like the ultimate final touch to that exotic cast-away experience…

“Experience desert island living with our Tented Pool Villas. Banyan Tree Madivaru comprises 6 Tented Pool Villas. Each Tented Pool Villa is a set of three individual tents, distinctively equipped to function as living, sleeping, and bath areas. The spacious bath tent features a pair of spa beds for enjoying In-Villa treatments that include signature Banyan Tree Spa massages and facials. Interior furnishings exude a warm and tropical ambience, replete with timber flooring, rattan and teak furniture, handcrafted wooden and canvas accents, and luxurious ceiling canopies.”

Banyan Tree Madivaru interior - Sakis

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