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LUX Maldives sombrilla

If on the other hand, you want to shun the sun, then LUX* Maldives’ ‘Sombrilla’ could be just the thing. I know most people go all the way to the Maldives primarily *for* the sun. Hence the ‘Sunny Side of Life’ slogan. But people with light skin or other heat or UV sensitivities actually find the abundance of sunshine a bit of an inconvenience. And sometimes, you do just want a bit of cool and shade.

Unlike the permanent palm frond umbrella spread around most resorts, the Sombrilla can be set up wherever you like including right up close to the alluring gentle waters…

“A first in the Indian Ocean, our sombrillas allow you to wander along the beach to find a secluded sport and yet still enjoy the shade. Part tent, part parasol, the sombrilla is a colourful canopy that’s simple to erect using light poles, pegs and ropes, which all stow away conveniently into a small bag. Manufactured from 100% cotton and 95% UV protective, they’ve been made for us by the Australian sun protection specialists, Hollie & Harrie, and they’re available in a vibrant spectrum of island light colours.”

LUX Maldives sombrilla 2

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  3. Thank you for featuring our Sombrillas – we hope they are keeping you cool and protecting your skin in the beautiful Maldives! Love, Hollie and Harrie x

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