Best of the Maldives: SNUBA – Angsana Ihuru

Angsana Ihuru SNUBA


Another option for kids immersing themselves in another world, is the new SNUBA offering a Angsana Ihuru. Atoll Paradise reports

“Angsana Ihuru is the first resort in the Maldives to introduce the revolutionary SNUBA snorkel-dive cross-over. SNUBA allows you to dive down to up to 6 meters while breathing through a hose attached to a floating raft. Even small children can participate in this fun activity and SNUBA Doo on the surface with the help of a special floatation device, while their older siblings SNUBA dive down below…With an access to 30 diving sites less than an hour away from the resort, you can expect to see stingrays, scorpion fish, giant moray eels and myriads more of colorful marine life.”

SNUBA uba-doo!

3 Thoughts on “Best of the Maldives: SNUBA – Angsana Ihuru

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  2. Colin harrison on October 9, 2021 at 1:58 pm said:

    Do you know if snuba is available at hard rock hotel Maldives.

    • Sorry…I don’t know. Best to contact Best Dives, who operate there, directly – ht.tps://

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