What Else I Don’t Write About

Maldives palm tree

With all the talk of what I’ve seen and haven’t, one might be musing over the glaring absence of a number of topics that seem to pervade so many other Maldives web sites…

  • Classic Maldives – I’ll leave the carbon-copy effluvia about how glowing the sunets are, how blue the water is, peaceful the quiet it, how remote the isolation is, how fragrant the blossoms are, how attentive the service is to the professional hacks.
  • General quality issues (food, service, rooms). I’m only interested in distinctive things that stand out. I’m not interested in Michael Winner dissections of the tenderness of the lamb loin.
  • Awards – The whole industry award scheme is so skewed by graft (awards going to big advertisers) and bogus methodologies (voting schemes by skewed samples and populations) I tend to steer clear. When I first started out, a few awards caught my eye, but now I have completely forsaken them out of frustration.
  • Politics and Country – I don’t write about the politics. I don’t pretend to have any first hand perspective or knowledge. It is a topical subject at the moment and even impinges on the tourism industry, but not a matter I feel any authority to comment on.

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